Questionnaire to Realistically Help get God back into the schools


Please check out this questionnaire geared to quickly disprove Darwinism and get God back into our schools as the True cause of life and creation. The below questionnaire is just a copy; you can e-fill it out at their website.

“Science Agreeables - Reasons To Supersede Darwinism”
"The goal is to establish agreement amongst Darwin skeptics regarding the basic science factors that falsify Evolution as the cause of life. Then to replace it with a verifiable, logical, and accurate science. The purpose is to gather and provide an impressive united message from scholars to education legislators regarding the clear and accurate cause of life to teach as science. (Do a web search to view more on atomic biology).

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    Would you consider the following points of science to be irrefutable?
  1. Living cells, including ours, are made of atoms. *
  2. Each part of a cell requires the physical assembly of the right atoms. *
  3. Atoms have no brain or muscles, therefore, they require an intelligent external force to select them and move them to their precise place in their part of their cell. *
  4. Cells require complex molecular machines like kinesin, etc. *
  5. The 2016 Nobel Prize Winners for Chemistry (please google; it is key): Sauvage, Stoddart, and Ferringa, got this award for building relatively very simplistic molecular machines through 33 years of effort. This proves that even with the vast accumulation of scientific knowledge and sophisticated equipment, the best intelligence in science is nowhere near enough to assemble a molecular machine for a cell. *
  6. This proves that greater intelligence than that of mankind is essential to assemble molecular machines for cells. *
  7. Therefore, the theoretical process of evolution, which has no intelligence, is incapable of building molecular machines required for our cells and us. *
  8. This proves that evolution is not the cause of life, and a super-intelligent force is required to assemble atoms into cell parts and cause life. *
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The Catholic Church does not have a position on evolution. To claim otherwise is misleading and false.

Also, I don’t think linking to questionnaires, or posting them in full is allowed here on CAF.


As long as there are Christians in the schools, God is in the schools.


The survey is seriously flawed since it essentially leads a person to a specific endpoint rather than actually collecting their thoughts, and there are huge leaps in the wording of the statements that make it fundamentally flawed from a scientific standpoint.

Aside from the poor design of the instrument itself, this is not something that could/should be supported in US schools. I see it’s Canadian, but nonetheless, a bad idea in my opinion.


The assumptions in some of the questions don’t logically follow. Even if I didn’t believe in science, I couldn’t put my name to this.


Forget about kook stuff like this. It is not going to lead anywhere positive.


I don’t understand why people would want to sign a petition to remove science from schools.


Is an intelligent external force required to arrange carbon atoms into the pattern that results in a diamond?


What was the encyclical Pope Pius Xll released in 1950 on this? According to the Church you can believe in evolution and frankly everything science says as long as it is used in accordance to the natural law and bioethics. The only thing we must believe is that the soul exists and cannot in any way try to lessen that.


It seems that some people don’t want anyone learning about things they themselves don’t understand.


“There are only two possibilities for the existence of life: accidental or purposeful. Using science and mathematics, Atomic Biology proves beyond a shadow of doubt that life cannot be accidental. Then the book shows that the only being capable of the creation of life … is the historical Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Triune God of the Bible and our Nation.” — Sharon E. Cargo, DVM


That is simply not a survey.

It begins as questions and ends with statements which the reader has to argee to. This will simply not help with any argument.

Nor does it scientifically make much sense.

Kinesin? It’s a protein made through protein synthesis. Pretty much every cell in your body goes through the process constantly to make enzymes, steroids or hormones. Any senior high school student can give you the process. How does the production of kinesin lead to the conclusion of non sophistication?

Any they surveys claims of not being able to assemble a cell? Read up on CRISPR as well as synthetic molecular technology. It happens repetitively in mainstream medication nor is it new science.

I could go on. But I won’t.

Please don’t send this out. It makes Catholicism look ridiculous.

FTR I would love to see a more Christian approach on schools. Not at the expense of commonsense or basic science.


To quote from Tom Rogers, Engineer and Author of Darwin’s Replacement: "Our goal is to prove scientifically beyond reasonable doubt that the supernatural force known as the Creator God described in the Bible, is the essential force required to design, construct, grow, sustain, maintain, and repair all living entities.
The new science we are researching in this regard is referred to as ‘atomic biology’. It should change the way the production and life of living entities is understood.
One example of atomic biology in action, probably our favorite, is the enormous work performed in replacing all of our approximately 20 trillion red blood cells (rbc) about every 120 days. This works out to over 160 billion new rbc’s per day for each adult – or about 2,300,000 red blood cells produced in our bone marrow every second!²

C.J. Pallister (1999) tells us that for an average 70 kg adult male about 2,300,000 red blood cells are produced every second.²
G.J.Tortora (2008) states that there are approximately 280,000,000 molecules of hemoglobin per red blood cell.³
M. Perutz (1997) states that each hemoglobin molecule contains approximately 10,000 atoms. 4
If you do the math, the number of atoms required to be sorted from the 70kg man's eaten food, then selected, latched onto, assembled into new red blood cells and delivered into his blood stream is approx. 2,300,000 x 280,000,000 x 10,000 = 6,440,000,000,000,000,000

atoms every second of every day for every average adult male. That is 6,440 quadrillion atoms per second every second of every day just for his replacement red blood cells.
We are conservatively using, in our new international textbook, the figure of “over 4,900 quadrillion atoms per second” to apply to virtually all adults.
Of course, this is actually less than half the number of atoms being processed every second just for the replacement rbc’s for each of us, as, in the same second, a greater
number of atoms have to be found, sorted, selected, latched onto, assembled and delivered from the soil, air and water to make more food for each future second’s requirements for new red blood cells for each of us.

  1. We believe this goes far, far, far beyond the parameters of possibility for the theoretical, unguided, uncaring process called ‘Darwinian evolution’.
    Imagine, if you will, having a bowl full of five different-colored marbles. With our human intelligence, dexterity, and speed, how many sets of five different-colored marbles could you sort, select, latch onto and place in a circular pattern in one second. Don’t even think of a precise sequence. For me, by shear dumb luck, I might get two sets in one second if I just grabbed two handfuls, and they would be in pretty shaky circles with no precise sequence.
    The existence of God (but not evolution) can explain the staggering complexity of our bodies, the Breath of Life, our souls, along with other Miracles that occur in the world and have occurred throughout the ages.


Seems rather backwards to me. I prefer moving forward, and to me, that means the more science, the better.


What is “atomic biology”, who is Sharon E. Cargo, and why should I care what she has to say?


If I’m not mistaken, there are already well over 10,000 top notch scientists who disagree with Darwinian evolution as the cause of life. It is time, long overdue, to move the ‘evolution’ that says “No intelligent help required for life,” to the history department!

Author of this questionnaire, Tom Rogers, writes: "This information is needed primarily because most public schools, colleges and universities have deliberately excluded teachings about the God of our nations. It seems this decision was based upon the misconception that evolution is more scientific than God.

Nothing could be further from the truth! When Mr. Charles Darwin released his book On the Origin of Species in 1859, it contained his ‘theory of evolution’. It suggested that all life originated from a unique happening in an ancient pond where the first living cell was mysteriously formed.

This cell would have needed the complex ability, power, and intelligence to find nourishment, digest and process this nourishment to sustain its own life, eliminate waste to prevent the build-up of toxins, reproduce itself, remember its good qualities and pass these on to offspring cells with improvements, grow more cells, and over billions of years change into fish, animals, birds, monkeys, humans, etc. This highly complex ability would have been needed in the first cell. This would have required a huge number of atoms to be precisely arranged, (by chance?); and then the ‘breath of life’ would have been needed as no entity lives without it; when it is removed, the life of the entity ends.

An original cell was Mr. Darwin’s idea. He did not know much about atoms, molecules, and their functions in his day because the technology was not yet available. But several times in his book, he mentioned the “Creator” and outlined several ways in which his theory of evolution could “absolutely break down”.

In the book (Darwin’s Replacement) we show from our research into existing accepted science, the reasons why it is absolutely impossible for any living cell, organ, or entity to be designed, constructed, sustained, maintained and repaired by anything but a super-intelligent force.

This book, “Darwin’s Replacement,” contains seven basic principles of life that provide the reasons why this supernatural force, which is super-intelligent, immensely reliable, careful, and trustworthy is essential to design, construct, sustain, maintain and repair all living entities, and especially we human beings.


It’s kind of like a poll and those are allowed here.


Science is a useless subject for the most part. Except for people that have a career or something in a scientific field it isn’t a skill that most people use in real life.


You are being sarcastic, I hope!


How have you used it in your everyday life?

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