Questionnaire to Realistically Help get God back into the schools


Meaning if we rid our schools of science we’ll ensure that our society will never again produce scientists.


Maybe if it was an elective and not a mandatory course it would make more sense.


This can literally be said about every single academic field. I’m a biochemical researcher. When was the last time in my day to day life that I’ve had need of American History? Civics? Literature? Heck, even some forms of math! I barely do hard statistics anymore since we have a department for that and whatever day to day stuff I need Microsoft Excel takes care of.


That just goes to show how useless school can be.


Unless you expect children to know with absolute certainty by the time they enter elementary school what their occupation will be when they’re adults how will making everything elective work for society?


No, it goes to show you that we need to expose children to a broad array of academic disciplines until they start honing in on the direction they’d like to take (which is precisely what is done). My last history or civics course was in high school. Almost all of my lower division undergraduate work was in science and math, 100% of my upper division undergraduate work was in a STEM field, and 100% of my graduate work was in biology, chemistry, and to a lesser degree, physics.


What’s this supposed to prove?


I’m pretty sure college is where most career choices are made not in elementary school.


That schools aren’t just willy-nilly wasting time and money teaching “useless” things to students. There’s a gradual refocussing as one becomes more and more specialized in whatever it is they’re studying.


Exactly my point. Until the decision is made children need a broad exposure to all sorts of academic endeavors, and that includes the arts that, sadly, have been waning in public schools.


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