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On the Catholic Answers program I have heard the term “spiritual adviser”. It is usually used in reference to one experiencing a call to a religious vocation. I have a few questions.[LIST=1]
*]Is a spiritual adviser only for those discerning a vocational call?
*]If not, how does a “regular Catholic” go about finding a spiritual adviser?
*]Do they charge a fee for their services?


A spiritual director or spiritual advisor can be either a priest, religious or lay person (preferably someone who is trained!). They aren’t necessarily only for people who are discerning a vocation, but certainly are helpful for those who are. I am married, and my spiritual director is the pastor of my church, who is also my confessor. It works out well for me, as he knows ALL my stuff. Some of what we discuss is theology, sometimes prayer or discernment about service. He doesn’t charge me, other than an occassional trip to Starbucks. :smiley: Most lay directors will charge some kind of a fee, but make sure that whoever you go to is qualified. You don’t want someone with shady theology advising you on matters of faith.


Basically, ditto to what Kristie said.

A good place to start looking for a spiritual director is to talk with your pastor. Even if he isn’t able to be your director he may know of good people who are available. Other places to look might be a monastery or convent in your area, or a retreat center.

Mostly if you want to find a good director, pray! The Holy Spirit will help you.


My dear friend

You can learn about spiritual direction by searching the phrase here
These people are great spritual directors and keen to help if your near one of there centres around the world It’s great.

May God bless you always:thumbsup::slight_smile:


pyro, A spiritual director is someone who is trained to accompany others on their faith journey. It is a special kind of calling from God and may be a priest, religious, or lay person. The place I would suggest you look first for would be to pray to God for one. Pay attention to what that brings up for you. It worked for me. If you are of a practical mind you could contact Spiritual Directors International as they have a listing of registered directors around the world. May God be with you in your search.


No. Anyone who wants outside help with their spiritual life beyond the sacraments could benefit from a spiritual director.

Ask a priest (sometimes religious brothers and sisters- and even lay people can be spiritual directors- just make sure they know their faith well, they are orthodox, and they are passionate about their faith.

Sometimes you will be charged for a retreat, but a parish priest, a religious, or a lay person doesn’t ordinarily charge for spiritual direction.
[/LIST]People often like to ask their confessors to be spiritual directors, because they can fit the two together. It doesn’t always work out that way though- I know several people who go to religious sisters, lay men or women, or who do spiritual direction with a priest over the phone.


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