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Would it be correct to say that any sin in ones life is a direct reflection of not having enough actual grace? (i.e. if you were to increase your actual grace sin would decrease.) If that is true, would I be correct in saying one of our primary goals in life is to access actual grace in order that we might be changed from within?

If that is true, could you tell me the different ways of accessing that Grace and if some are more powerful than anothers. For instance I assume sacraments are more powerful than reading a book about our faith but is that what the church teaches specifically and why. The reason I’m asking is that I teach CCD and want to talk about actual grace, but I want to make sure I’m giving accurate information.

Thank you.


If I get a chance I will post more later. It might be a good idea to teach about both actual grace and sanctifying grace. God bless!


I understand that Grace is what God bestows on us. He offers it to all of us. The act of sinning is a rejection of that Grace.

If someone has more grace than someone else, it is because they have lived a more Christlike life (faith, works, and all that). I think your post was saying that if someone has more Grace, they would live a more Christlike life.

Sort of like the chicken and the egg.



You can check here:


Also, if you have time to order a book (or check it out of a library?) you might want to look at Fr. Hardon’s History And Theology Of Grace.


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