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For years I have been wishing that my life would "start", that I could become useful. I am thankful to have a job earning a little money but I want to spend myself to become more; I especially want to help others. All of my life I have known that I did not want to marry, and I am tentatively interested in pursuing the religious life.

How do I begin to see if I have a vocation in this direction? Whom do I speak to about this? The website for my diocese has helpful links for those considering priesthood, but nothing for women.

I am attracted to a Dominican group that is faithful to Catholic teaching, does not require a college education, and is growing quickly. Should I contact them, or does this need to be done through someone else, such as a priest or spiritual director?

I'm grateful for any advice and resource recommendations. :)


If you are interested in that particular order get in contact with them and you can visit them to look more into it. You will also be able to talk to their vocations director and they will help you begin your discernment. Good luck.


Making an appointment with a priest from your parish would also be quite useful.

I'll keep you in my prayers.



I would definitely contact them and see where it goes. Seeking spiritual direction in terms of a potential vocation through your pastor is always a good idea as well.



You should pray about it.


Thanks, this seems like a good start.
I appreciate everyone’s replies.


Hello and Congrats on your Vocation!
I also am looking into religious life, i have had a call and i’ve been discerning for about a year now.
what i did first was consult my parish Deacon. He then sent me to meet a Sister and i got to ask her questions about discerning my call and she suggested i pray and spend as much time in front of the most Blessed Sacrament. just talk to God and ask him what he wants you to really do with your life and just LISTEN. let him know that you will say yes to whatever he wants you to do.
thats my advice to you. hope it helps!
God Bless and Good Luck!


Thanks! :smiley:



I know more and more young women who are seeking Religious Orders that they can join or even frequent for spiritual support.

In your case, it is always best to contact both the Order you may be interested in and a local Priest as Spiritual Director, as a norm. This, from my experience is what is recommended.

If you contact for instance the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor, Michigan or Sisters of Saint Cecilia in Nashville, TN for example, or the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne, New York, I believe, they will usually send you their program for Vocational Retreats and/or Come and See weeks/weekends. A Sister in Vocations Promotion or Novice Formation will keep in touch with you and answer your questions.

Of course, you must simply go and see for yourself through a weekend retreat at first and ask if you can stay for a week after that at the same time, if you feel like it. To be prepared and supported by someone back home, is essential for follow-up. You can discuss the experience and continue discerning. Talk to other spiritual friends too about your desire and maybe you’ll have someone to go with you…or just to accompany you, who knows. If any case, seek a Spiritual Director and contact the Order directly, I would say.

Fr. Dominic


Thank you for your advice!

This is the Order I was considering. :smiley:


Well Anodos,

Perhaps this is providential but I invited three of these Sisters to come for a Youth Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada last summer. They came and I got to know them. Plus, I know the Daughter of a family who are amongst my best friends who is there too. She came to help with the Conference. She is a young Nun of 25 or 26 years old, fully professed… The average age is 27 yrs old for a fully professed Nun. The average entering age for a novice is 19 yrs old…They have Come and See weekends where about 150 young ladies attend. I know of several who went and loved the mere fact of meeting others with the same mentality, values and convictions. Afterward the initial weekend, you can apply to stay for a week. Sometimes, if you have already been to a weekend retreat elsewhere and have been discerning for a while with a SDirector, they will allow you to just come for a week right away.

Sr. Joseph Andrew is the one in charge who would interview you and talk to you at this retreat along with others. Mother Assunta helped get the Order off the ground as she did with the Sister of Life in New York and others. You could say hi to Sr. Maris Stella and Sr. Francis Mary who are both in their twenties. These Nuns were interviewed by Oprah a few years ago. I would just phone them up and make arrangements to visit them but make sure you have someone back home to talk to so you don’t just follow an emotional high but God’s Will. We all feel isolated and need a sense of belonging and of identity, we crave approval and want to be somebody somewhere who does something unique in God’s plan. Passions and emotions can get the best of us, and it happens to the best of us. In any case, I am always here too. I’ll pray for you.

Fr. Dominic


Thank you, Fr. Dominic.


Hi! I’m actually going to the Nashville Dominicans’ Vocation Retreat this week. Just go to their website ( and under “Vocations” you’ll find their contact and retreat information. I think the next retreat is in January, but you have to contact them about it and they will talk to you and determine whether you should go on the retreat. Good luck!


Thanks, Leahleah.


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