Questions about being a Deacon


I have a few quick questions about being a deacon…

  1. How much time is spent doing service and performing other duties? ( i realize that if you are a deacon you are always a deacon no matter what you are doing but im curious about the time commitment.)

  2. Do you have a choice of what parish you work with or are you assigned a parish?

  3. Are you paid?

  4. Does being a deacon provide the same qualifications as a masters degree when seeking employment within the church (ie. high shool theology teacher)

Any additional information if also appreciated.

Thank you for your time.



I would first ask you “why are you consider entering the Diaconate?” Do you feel called by the Holy Spirit or are you looking to help with the Church?

Deacons do not get paid for their service; they are expected to have a full time job, support their wife/family, continue to be an active part of the Church, and assist the Diocese and priest as directed by the bishop. In our Diocese, there’s a lot of discernment that an inquirer or applicant goes through that continues after their ordination. There’s also a lot of academic work (that you’ve alluded to) so managing your time will be important. The program in our Diocese may result in a Masters in Pastoral Theology so it’s a true masters degree.


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