Questions About Being Invested in the Brown Scapular


Does anyone have a link to a website that clearly and concisely explains what the Brown Scapular devotion entails?



Thanks! Does saying a few Hail Marys in the morning and before bed count as a Marian Devotion?


I’m not sure, but it may be meaning a more concrete/established one, like the rosary, Little Office of the BVM, Seven Sorrows rosary, etc.


Uh oh. I indiscriminately enrolled without being associated with a Confraternity! Is there a way to de-enroll or have myself “defrocked” ?
(Prudence isn’t my best virtue)


I don’t think you have to be associated with a confraternity to be enrolled with the brown scapular, where’d you see that?


Right where it says “Well, what is the Scapular Confraternity?” On the website.


Ah, there’s a difference between enrollment and being a part of the confraternity. You can be enrolled without joining the confraternity.


Ah, ok. Thanks, again!


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