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Not sure if this is the correct forum.

Recently I’ve become very interested in belly dancing. I want to learn how to do it myself, but I am unsure if that is ok, morally speaking. Would wearing a midriff-revealing costume be considered immodest? I know that belly dancing could be done with a costume that doesn’t show the stomach, but what about belly rolls and stuff?

I don’t think that the movements themselves would be wrong to do. There is an emphasis on the belly and hips, but I do not think it is necessarily sexual. Many people misunderstand belly dancing, thinking it is like stripping, but it is definitely not.

And if it is ok to belly dance, how on earth to convince my parents? I don’t think they would really be open to me taking belly dance lessons. When they hear “belly dance” they probably think of the sexy, seductive Hollywood version. I guess calling it by what it really is, Middle Eastern Dance, might help. But I think the main problem they would have is with the costumes.

Please post your thoughts!


Well, most people in a belly dancing class would be women, plus in class you probably wont be wearing the outfit. It’s also seriously good exercise. I took a class, and it toned my abs really well. I prefer my yoga class and the eliptical at the gym however.


Belly dancing is extremely hard to master, and like OldAgeGuru said it’s a good work out also. Classes usually consists of women, so I say go for it.


I’d say if the class was all women, go for it. I personally don’t like to show off my “tabernacle” (ie my stomach…my womb is in there!!) to anyone but my husband. He’s the only one who has gained clearance. :slight_smile:


From this quote I have to assume that you are a minor. How open your parents are or aren’t may depend on how you approach the subject with them.

First, do your research. Where and when are there classes that you could attend? How much do they cost and who would you expect to pay for them? Are the classes all female? What is the dress code for class?

When you have all of the answers you need, THEN approach your parents. Speak to them respectfully and be prepared to accpet their final decision, no matter what it is. You could start off by saying “I would like to discuss taking some dance lessons and will respect your decision either way once you have heard me out”. Don’t get argumentative or defensive. Stick to the facts you have gathered and impress them with your foresight and maturity.

**The dance lessons are not the moral issue here. Respecting your parents authority over you is. So good luck and I hope they hear you out and you find a class and have tons of fun! Who knows, maybe your mom will want to do it with you?:wink: **



With respect to the previous post and poster, I think actually, there might be some issues with belly dancing. It must be a good exercise for sure, but I think the Opening Poster is a bit misguided as to the idea of it being just a Middle Eastern dance making it all right. :wink: Yes, it’s a Middle Eastern dance with centuries old traditions, but it’s one that emphasises fertility and shows off women as having fit abdomens and thighs. The moves are erotic and sexualised most of the time and while it may not necessarily always make me leave the room, but it’s not something I would like my daughter to be doing or watch my hypothetical wife doing.

Is there no other dance class that would satisfy your desire to learn to dance? :slight_smile: Or no gymnastic class that would make your belly fit and healthy? Why stick to the belly dancing idea despite what your parents feel about it? I’m not criticising you, but just suggesting that maybe you should ask yourself why it’s so important to you. What makes you cling to the idea. :slight_smile:

Good luck and will remember you in my prayers.


How about buying/renting a bellydance workout dvd? I taped the belly dancing work outs off of On Demand and let me say, they kicked my butt. My abs never hurt as much as when I workout to these videos ( and I’ve worked out to Abs of Steele and Tae Bo). If you’re looking just for the workout, why not just do it at home?


I think your parents’ main concern would be the sexual nature of bellydancing. And that cannot be denied. While yes, it is a wonderful workout, the nature of bellydancing is to empashize the fertility of a woman, and to ease in labor and delivery.
Also, are you wanting to learn for performance reasons, or for workout reasons?
Perhaps you could take your mother with you to a local class and observe? After that, leave the decision up to your parents. If they conceed, but want you to do it at home, perhaps you can gain permission to attend one class (many places offer a free first class) to learn the proper stance. I did videos for forever, but I got the snot kicked out of me once I learned the proper stance. Trust me, it makes a difference. :slight_smile:

On a side note, to the women who have learned to bellydance, do you ever perform for your husband, as a pre-curser to intimacy? Just wondering, because a friend of mine took lessons for workout reasons, but also used what she learned for the benefit of herself and her husband.


Bellydancing classes are 99% all female. I conceed the 1% because of the rising number of male bellydancers, but they are a very small percentage.
As for dress codes, the classes I have attended asked that participants wear yoga style pants or tiered skirts and fitted shirts, so the instructor could see and correct movements. Some women in my classes wore the belly shirts, but they were usually the performers.


Nope, I’m not married. I guess for me there’s a time and place for all things, and I don’t bust out my Irish step dancing at a dance club, I don’t dont do belly dancing anywhere else but at the dance studio or gym.

I took a lot of dance classes when I was younger, I figured, what could be so hard about belly dancing? I’ve taken Irish, hip hop, ballet, tap. I did gymnastics, I work out all the time. Belly dancing did the same number on me as pilates did. I appreciate the tone and definintion my stomach gets, but never again. Like I said I prefer my yoga and my eliptical training, and long walks with my dog.


Honestly, when I go to the dance studio, I more covered up than when I go to the gym, or clean my apartment.

And dance classes are almost always predominantly female. I have only taken a few dance classes that had guys in attendance. I do have some ex boyfriends on whom I would like to inflict the torture of toe shoes :slight_smile:


what girl doesn’t want to inflict toe shoes on exes?


**I kid you not, I had a dream a few weeks ago that somethign happened to Rob and I had to find a way to support our family. So I became … you guessed it… a belly dancer and started my own dance studio. **Rob just laughed when I told him and said he knew he’d be dead before I’d do anything like that.:rotfl:


Yeah, I don’t think anyone needs you to dance to prove your fertility, Martha. :rotfl:


:confused: :slight_smile: ** I had no idea what you were referring to, so I went back and read:**

[patienceandloveQUOTE]main concern would be the sexual nature of bellydancing. And that cannot be denied. While yes, it is a wonderful workout, the nature of bellydancing is to empashize the fertility of a woman, and to ease in labor and delivery.

:eek: WHAT?! To hk with fertility and sexual natures! It helps with labor and delivery?! Why didn’t anyone tell me this 12 years ago? Sign me up! Must find the phone book… If I hurry I might be able to get a lesson in before I get pregnant again!:extrahappy:****


I think my ex doesn’t on me. :wink:


Actually, I bellydanced while pregnant. That was actually quite interesting, but even with a first birth, it was 12 hours beginning to end, drug free :smiley:


I heard Carmen Electra’s workout video “Cardio striptease” was a good workout for the inner thighs, abs, and where we all need it-THE HIPS! I rented it to see if it was something that would help with the problem areas. It did help, and it was not nearly as immodest as or immoral as I thought it was going to be. No one ever saw me do the exercizes however innocent they were. If it is something that will help your health and not be a near occasion of sin to anyone else, go for it!:thumbsup:


Being ignorant of the “true” nature of this method of dance, I’ll guess the arguement you’ll have to face is the common/Hollywood (and my) perception…

A scantily clad (but still legal) woman gyrating her lower 1/2.

It may be fantastic aerobic exercise, but as a red-blooded & virile man I’m seeing female curves on display doing moves that stir up some thoughts.


My 12 year old daughter can roll her belly really well. I told her she would be a really boring belly dancer since she isn’t allowed to show her abdomen.


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