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My 12 yr old daughter cantors in Mass and has been doing it since Sept. of last year. A very experienced cantor practices with her & tapes it on a tape recorder then my daughter practices it at home a couple of weeks before Mass. It has worked out great.

The lady helping her is pregnant with a difficult pregnancy and I can tell she’s really getting worn out…she’s only 4 mos. pregnant so I know it is only going to get worse.

Thinking ahead so my daughter can continue cantoring…does anyone know if there are any “cantor” cd’s for sale anywhere online or in a store that would basically do the same thing for her? She listens, learns it, practices it.

We are in a very small church and there is nobody else that is willing to do it because they are all busy. The church doesn’t have any kind of professional music program or director, it is all lay people who are advanced in age…my daughter is the youngest.

I’m trying to find a resolution so she can continue doing the ministry that she loves so much.

Thank you


I don’t know about CDs, but if the songs she’s leading have been around a little while (or longer) you may be able to find a recording online at My Catholic Voice. Just do a search for the song you’re looking for and they may very well have a recording of it. I’ve had good luck with songs I’ve been looking for :smiley:

If you’re looking specifically for the Psalm and Alleluia verses (because they change every week), I did a quick search for “Respond and Acclaim 2012 CD” and the only place I found that has them is in Australia.

But as a heads-up, if you are in need of those CDs, they are already available for 2013, beginning the First Sunday of Advent. So you may want to buy them now while they are still available.

Thank you for supporting your daughter in growing in this ministry!



You can probably find recordings of whatever you need on Youtube. Most songs will have several results, and you can find one of suitable quality.


Yes, the Psalms and the responsorials and after the Alleluia is exactly what she needs to have.

Australia? Darn. Well, at least now I know a key word to search on google. Maybe youtube has it?

Thank you for all the replies.


I need a 2012 Respond and Acclaim Cd for sale. Does anyone know where I can buy one used or new?



Corpus Christi Watershed has done an amazing job of making all of the propers available online, including music in pdf format and usually audio (mp3) or video recordings, all for free! As a cantor, I use their resources every week!
has the Simple English Propers, while
has the chants in Latin

Here is some more information about the Simple English Propers
You may be interested in reading the introduction to the book, “a practical guide to singing the SEP”:

Hope this helps!


If it’s actually Respond and Acclaim that you need you can order the CDs directly from the publisher.

Are you sure that is what you need? And in what country do you live?


Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what we need. We live in the USA. I emailed the publisher in Australia for the CD and hopefully can still get one for 2012…if not then I will get the 2013. :thumbsup:

Thank you for your reply.


YESSSSS! Thank you JCzarn!! Exactly what we needed and I was hoping to find. :thumbsup:


Our choir director e-mails us a list of things we will sing and a couple of youtube links where we can listen to the music being sung. Just go to youtube and search for the hymns you’re going to be singing.
What’s all this technology for if you can’t use it to help with the important stuff?

Reb Levi


I agree, Good point!


This is one of those situations where it would be very helpful if a music planning group could form, and they all can plan the music ahead of time. My music director does this, and he usually plans three months in advance using the worksheets/planning pages to OCP’s Today’s Liturgy periodical which comes out four times a year for Advent-Christmas-Epiphany, Lent-Triduum-Easter, Ordinary Time 1, and Ordinary Time 2. I know that’s it’s very helpful to cantors if they want to know ahead of time of what’s going to be sung. Do you have any idea of who plans the music at your parish?


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