Questions about Catholic Press Association and National Catholic Reporter

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I stumbled across some articles on the National Catholic Reporter and was shocked by the articles and then even more by the reader comments.

While trying to look up information on the NC Reporter I came across a list of awards that it received from the Catholic Press Association in June 2010. Apparently the Reporter has been “honored with the Catholic Press Association’s award for ‘general excellence’” for 11 straight years. Based on the few articles that I saw on the Reporter’s site I could not believe that anybody would honor the stuff they write.

So what is the deal with the Catholic Press Association ( I tried finding other threads on the forums before posting this one but couldn’t find anything. Are they to be trusted at all? They have a link to the USCCB on their website, but their granting awards to the NC Reporter just puts a bad taste in my mouth.

Good question. the Catholic Press Association appears generally legit, but is perhaps inept or somewhat incompetent. See this article.

It seems (from what little I could find) that the CPA likes certain aspects of the National Catholic Fishwrap (as Father Z calls them).

To me, the problem here is that the Reporter is not actually Catholic (despite their name) as evidenced by their continuous dissent against the Magisterium and should not be recognized as Catholic by any real Catholic entity who hopes to be taken seriously.

This group is solidly against the catholic church. It is a crime they masquerade as “national catholic reporter.” Consider this a wolf in sheeps clothing. Many, many people are led astray by this one publication/group.

Any organization that supports them or suggests they are authentically catholic is also in serious error.

Your heart is telling you the truth. Follow your heart and keep forming your knowledge base and conscience with authentic teaching.

Or, the other viewpoint could be that the National Catholic Reporter reports the real news about the Church, both good and bad, and is unafraid to raise issues that many would like kept under wraps, or at least wrapped in the traditionalist’s party line.

It definitely has a liberal editorial stance, but I find the actual news articles written clearly and objectively.

hmm… the article is 13 years old. Perhaps the organization isn’t so incompetent if it is still around? Perhaps it has changed its practices? :shrug:

As for the question in the first post, yes, the National Catholic Reporter does have a reputation for heterodoxy. As for the awards it received from the Catholic Press Association, this may be related to the surprising volume of awards which the CPA gives out each year. (see June issue)

I have heard people frequently refer to the National Catholic Reporter as the National Catholic Distorter. Issues that need raising in the Church **do not include **the need for abortion, birth control, women’s ordination and gay rights.

Seems like the Catholic Church is bigger and broader than many of us might expect.

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