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I have recently purchased a treasury of chaplets by Patricia Quintiliani. I’m really excited about some of the devotions contained with in, but am having trouble finding some of the chaplets. Specifically, I’m looking for the chaplet to st. joan of arc.

Anybody know where one can find these chaplets for sale?

Also, does anybody have an favorite chaplet? :smiley: Thus far mine has been the rosary, but I’ve never really been exposed to any others.

My favorite is the divine mercy chaplet. It is very powerful and often used for the sick
and the dead. I recently said it for the sake of my deceased brother and I felt calm
within myself also.

P.S. Many chaplets consist of 5 decades, the divine mercy chaplet is one of them.
Thus, the regular rosary can be used for more than one chaplet. My desire is to dis-
cipline myself to say the regular rosary because the Blessed Mother asked this of
us at Fatima and also the divine mercy chaplet daily.

I don’t usually look for anything to count chaplets on, but Rosary Workshop seemed to have something akin to what you want. I am not too familiar with the chaplet of St. Jeanne d’Arc.

My favorite is the Seven Dolores of Mary. Something about the suffering mother always struck me as beautiful, sad, and… desperate. Then again, maybe I do need to look on the bright side of life. Hope the link helps.

I would agree that the Seven Sorrows is my favorite. It is sometimes called a chaplet but is most often refered to as “the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary”. It is considerably longer than a chaplet such as the chaplet to St. Michael or the Chaplet to St. Ann.

And yes, I say the Devine Mercy Chaplet but it is a little on the modern side. I can’t quite bring myself to say I love it. Yet I say it every day.

I’m really attracted to the Chaplet to St. Ann. Some day I would like to visit the Shrine to her in Canada.

My favorite is my St. Michael chaplet. I have bought several chaplets from eBay. You just need to put in St. Joan of Arc chaplet in the search box and it should pull some up.

I am glad you got Quintiliani’s book. It is one of my favorite books.

:harp: should help you. They have a large selection of chaplets!

If you want beads, it would probably easier to make some kind of counter, or knot a string of knots, instead of finding it in a store. I mean, some of these chaplets are pretty obscure, so what do you expect?

Alternately, you can say chaplets on a rosary.

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