Questions about Dominicans (Order of Preachers)

What is the daily life of a Dominican Brother? Why do some wear a black cloak with their white robes while others do not? Can Dominican Priests celebrate traditional Latin Masses?

I’m only going to answer your last question… Dominicans sometimes celebrate mass using the Dominican Rite (which is in Latin), though not often.

As far as celebrating a public (announced) Mass in the Extraordinary Form vs the Ordinary Form, that would depend the superiors; no different than the Diocesan Priest.

Though I have to imagine that if a Dominican was going to do a pre-Vatican II mass, he would do the Dominican Rite Mass and not the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The daily life varies. However there are certain things that they all do, eg. Liturgy of the Hours and living in community. Some teach, some are missionaries, etc.

The black cappa is commonly worn for more “formal” occasions. Read more about the habit here:

Dominicans have their own rite, which is very similar to the Tridentine rite. They do celebrate it sometimes, but how frequently depends on where they are. For example, in the Eastern province, they can learn the Dominican Rite as part of their formation, but they use the newer Rite in all of their parishes.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the info

Can Dominican Priests celebrate traditional Latin Masses?

The Dominicans celebrate the OF Mass and Sacraments, but many Dominican priests also celebrate the EF Mass and Sacraments. I know a lot of Dominican priests who are interested in traditional liturgy.

Historically, the Order of Preachers had their own Rite; they celebrated the Dominican Mass. However, the Dominican Rite is basically a variation of the Roman Rite and not a separate Rite of it’s own; there is actually very little difference between the two.

Although the Order of Preachers are not traditional i.e. they embraced the reforms of Paul VI, they do celebrate the OF Mass reverently and their chant is brilliant.

Adding to what other posters have said about the cappa, I believe it can be worn for warmth as well. In other words, I think there are casual situations where wearing it is the choice of the friar.

This is true - a friend of mine is a recently-ordained priest for the Dominicans and he wore his cappa in the winter whenever he went out for parish work.

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