Questions about exorcists

I understand that every diocese is supposed to have a designated exorcist, by directive of Pope St. JPII.
So the bishop of a diocese will pick one or more priests to do this, and send them to approved exorcism schools, and then the selected priest(s) will be the diocesan exorcist and help people in the diocese who think they need exorcisms.

In addition to these designated exorcists, are there other priests who go around being like, freelance exorcists? Or exorcism consultants? I know there are priests who are permitted to have a traveling evangelism ministry rather than being parish priests, and, with the permission of the bishop, they come around on tour and say Mass, speak at retreats, etc. Are there exorcists who also tour around like that? Do they help out the diocesan exorcists?

What about religious orders? Do they have their own exorcists?

Is Father Ripperger associated with a particular diocese, or is he affiliated with some other religious order? Does he travel around doing exorcisms?
I vaguely remember at some point he moved from one diocese to another and there was some issue with the bishop of a diocese not being very welcoming to him. But I can’t find the info and I’m not sure what was the final outcome.

I’m think Fr. Ripperger is a member of the FSSP. I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.

I’m not sure about religious orders but I don’t see why they couldn’t have exorcists if a bishop gave them permission.

As for traveling exorcists I know several go around giving talks and retreats but I don’t know about them performing exorcisms outside their own diocese. The bishop is “the exorcist” of his diocese but he imparts his authority on other priests to act in his stead.

Fr. Ripperger is a member of the FSSP. He was the appointed excorcist and ran a “school” for exorcist in the Diocese of Tulas from 2012 - 2016. The new bishop and Fr. Ripperger decided for the school to be moved to the Archdiocese of Denver. I don’t think Bishop Konderla from Tulsa was necessarily unwelcoming as there was an agreement that it was a temporary assignment from the start.

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Thanks for the information.
Do the FSSP and ICKSP have their own designated exorcists, or do their exorcists have to work through a diocese?

They must all be appointed by a Bishop. I imagine it is the Bishop who has authority over the person possessed. I know that much. Fr Ripperger, in his talks, discusses the diabolical in terms of how laity can know doors to shut, not open, how to live , to avoid the diabolical.

Fr Ripperger states that if the Bishop has not given the Priest permission to conduct the exorcism, the particular demons involved just laugh and say who are you? A bit like in the Gospels, demons said, I know x and I know y, but who are you?

So if it is determined that an exorcism must take place, and this usually lasts several years, then the Bishop must give permission for it to be effective.

There are a few really good priests who speak of the diabolical on youtube, Fr Ripperger, Fr Gary Thomas, Venerable Fulton Sheen and I have lately discovered Fr ( I think he is now a Blessed) John Hardon. They all say very similar things about the diabolical, and possession, obsession, repression of demons.
They all say demons are sticklers for law and process and know it to the minutest detail.
As a side note, Fr Ripperger is quite traditional, but has some very interesting talks on the less then desirable direction traditionalists are heading in , over certain virtues.
Fr John Hardon worked very closely with Pope Paul the sixth, and also had a lot to do with that well known Italian exorcist. He also became very knowledgeable about neopaganism and satanic cults and their growth.


I wasn’t able to find anything on the ICKSP but Fr. Ripperger is in the process of founding a society especially for deliverance ministry and exorcist that’s attached to the FSSP. It’s the Priest of the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother (Doloran Fathers). Priests from the society are trained in the Archdiocese of Denver then go to other Diocese to act as exorcist or perform other ministries under the local bishop.


In my country we only have one exorcist in the three dioceses, and until just a few years ago we shared an exorcist with Denmark. Supposedly, he would travel in between dioceses and perform exorcisms, although I don’t know how often he did so. I’m guessing it’s mostly his assistants that travel about, and then the exorcist is called in if they find a case that the Bishop doesn’t have time for.

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He is a member of an order that he, himself, started. “The Doloran Fathers”

In 2017 he was granted faculties in Denver Archdio “ad nutum episcopi”

As any other visiting clergy, he would need both permission to come do a “talk” at a parish outside of his home Diocese, he would also need faculties from the local Bishop, etc.

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