Questions about gluttony

I’ve been thinking a lot, and kinda obsessing over how to avoid gluttony, I haven’t been physically worried, or fretting in fear about it but just moderately concerned/obsessed. (I’m a bit scrupulous)
I read on a website that eating was ONLY sinful if you intentionally, knowingly ate to the point of feeling sick to your stomach.

So here are my questions I guess:

Is it gluttony if I’m say eating a bowl of cereal, enjoying it, and decide to have another because it tastes good? Provided no one goes without, or I’m not taking from anyone, or planning on getting sick.

Is it a mortal sin if I were to use/take the last of something (if it’s my fist serving)? Eg Milk, or other stuff? I only thought this because it usually entails someone going without, but I thought it may not be a sin (at least mortal) because someone has to take the last usually.

Is eating until you FEEL full a sin?

Would having a beer daily be sinful? Or anything that isn’t necessarily good for you, like McDonalds, candy, junk, etc.

Thanks in advance for the replies! And God Bless.

You are scrupulous and have been told on multiple past threads to stop posting these threads here as it is not helpful to your condition. I have read two of your past threads where a priest on here told you himself that asking these questions here was not healthy for you.

Please stop asking these types of questions here. Please speak to your priest or counselor about your scrupulosity in person.


I’m aware I’m scrupulous and I’m starting now to take the priests word for what he tells me, and trust him. As I know he knows a lot more about this than me, and I have been doing better, and you guys are in part to thank for it. I also think I’m going to see a spiritual director soon, so that will also be helpful.

I was just tying to see if I’m doing anything sinful, and/or how I can avoid it if I am. I was also a little curious. And wanted other opinions.
The opinions others may give here on this thread likely won’t make my condition worse. And perhaps may make it better, so I can cut myself some slack.

Our opinions don’t matter. Speak to your priest.

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Okay, I likely will. I just sorta felt like this wasn’t something worth bothering him over. But when he has free time I will try to ask. I just figured it’d maybe worth asking on here. Though it seems I shouldn’t ask these type of questions on here, so I’ll stop. It won’t let me delete this thread, but maybe if someone who can delete it will, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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