Questions about Good Friday

I have some questions related to Jesus’ crucifixion.

  1. Did Jesus choose his exact moment and time of death? In the New Testament, he bowed his head and died after saying “It is finished”. So did he choose when to die or did he die as a result of the wounds?

  2. Did Jesus resurrect Himself or did God the Father resurrect Him?

I have a few answers in mind but I’m not sure. Please post your answers to enlighten me. :slight_smile:

I once had the same question. It was answered well in this thread -

The Bible does not say one way or another, and I’m pretty sure the Church has not said either.

But, as a human, I believe Jesus lived out the fullness of his human life - he lived until it became impossible to live any longer. He sensed that his death was imminent, which is why he said “it is finished.”

The Bible and the Church, however, are very clear about this question - he did it himself.

I have power to lay down my life, and I have power to take it up again. (John 10:18)

I have a few answers in mind but I’m not sure. Please post your answers to enlighten me. :slight_smile:

Hi, the Catechism tells us it is a joint work of all 3 persons of the Trinity .


Christ’s Resurrection is an object of faith in that it is a transcendent intervention of God himself in creation and history. In it the three divine persons act together as one, and manifest their own proper characteristics. The Father’s power “raised up” Christ his Son and by doing so perfectly introduced his Son’s humanity, including his body, into the Trinity. Jesus is conclusively revealed as “Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness by his Resurrection from the dead”. St. Paul insists on the manifestation of God’s power through the working of the Spirit who gave life to Jesus’ dead humanity and called it to the glorious state of Lordship. (CCC 648)

I watched a tv special some time ago that discussed this, and what exactly Jesus died of.

Their best guess was the combination of the trauma, the falls with the cross, and the crucifixion all played a part. The wounds and loss of blood weakened Him. With the falls, they guessed that He may have fallen so hard that it caused heart damage and begun massive buildup of clear fluid around His heart. And the crucifixion would increase this, and also cause more trauma to His heart and lungs. Finally when He was about to die, they said that He would have been aware of His death because He could feel His heart about to stop from the pressure. That it would have started to slow and then stop.

This would also explain the blood and water from the wound in His side. The soldier’s lance piercing the heart and blood and the clear fluid (water) flowing out. It would have flowed out pretty strongly since it was pressurized.

Again, it was their best medical guess.

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