Questions about how you pray

Just want your two cents…

I find that my list of people to pray for is getting rather long…
I’ve decided to start keeping a notebook of who I pray for.

How do you handle keeping up with all those whose intentions that you pray for?
And what do you do as the list grows and grows?
Do you take people off the list as the intentions are completed?

I sometimes worry that while I’m busy praying for everyone else, and as the list grows, then I’ll end up not having enough time to pray for everyone on the list.

And what about when you go to mass and want to pray for them there? Do you carry a list?

Thanks in advance for your input! :slight_smile:

I am not nearly so organized as to make a list. I have people organized in my mind by group, and I mentally go through each group, visualizing the intentions of each person in the group. Each intention reminds me of another intention, and then off I go, like a landslide, trying to make sure I haven’t left anything behind. Then usually, for the rest of the day, I remember those I left out the first time, which reminds me to say another prayer while I’m remembering them, and while I’m at it, that reminds me to pray for the neighbour who’s in almost the same boat, and then that reminds me of my friend who’s having problems with his neighbour, oh, and…

Yeah, maybe a list would make sense.

Dear Maria, I imagine, like me the needs of others stays with you and you pray for them at different moments as well as during Mass.
If you feel overwhelmed, you can if you wish have a list. The needs often fall into natural divisions, if you can’t keep everyone in your mind…though it’s your intention to include them that in fact includes them. There are those with marriage problems, the unemployed, the confused, the ill…and so on.

Remember that Jesus died once for all, and that He gives the same Self to every person throughout time to whom He comes in Communion. You can always ask Him to make your prayer for all, through the Mass, and through Communion, equally personal for each person you pray for, and indeed for everyone who has such difficulties, everyone in the world.

His coming to each person in Communion isn’t generic, but personal. His salvation isn’t generic, but personal, equally for billions.

I hope that this gives you a means to pray deeply for others with peace…through Jesus.

God’s kindest and fullest blessings to you!

“God restored Job’s fortunes because he had prayed for his friends. More than that, God gave him double what he had before.” [Job 42:10]

Thanks Trishie! What a good point!
I’m such a perfectionist and organization is one of my strengths. I seem to feel the need to pray to each specifically by name…in which case I’m getting a little overwhelmed as my list grows bigger.
I guess I just worry that I’ll forget someone, especially those one here that I have promised my prayers for their intentions.

I guess I also worry about whether or not my praying is “good enough,” for lack of a better term. As you know, I’ve just recently returned to my faith and praying…so since it’s been years since I’ve prayed, I’m wanting to lead a good prayful life that is acceptable in God’s eyes.

Having typed that out now, it sounds rather silly. I know that God is happy regardless of how I pray, but because of the fact that I do!

Hi Maria. I was beginning to get bogged down… with my prayer intentions. So… I started using little index cards. I have one index card, for each day of the week… on which are written my “daily” intentions… and also, “special” intentions for each day. I keep the cards, at the feet of a statue of Jesus.

I find that this helps my easily distracted mind… to keep more organized… and I don’t worry so much about whether I’m leaving someone or something OUT of my prayers. The cards, are at the Feet of Our Lord… and He knows what my prayer intentions are. Works for me!

Hope this helps. God bless.

This is a great question many of us ask ourselves but don’t post–thanks for asking.
MarieVeronica Hi:)
What a wonderful Idea!!
I am going to try this.
Blessings to all,

Yeah it can be a tiresome affair when your list keeeps growing. I’ve been thru what u say a few times now. It might help to especially pray for the few most important things of the day but maybe try making a big list on paper etc and assign a % to each intention or group of people / intentions. eg. 10% for the holy souls, 5% for my parents etc etc. You can only go to 100% though:) Tell our Lord or our Lady etc that you wish to offer all your works, prayers, joys and sufferings for these intentions as laid out until further notice. You can alter the list whenever u like. this way you don’t spend 15 mins mentioning your intentions before you pray when you could have said a rosary for the intentions and the prayer is just as effective. Hope it helps:thumbsup:

That’s a wonderful idea!!
So with one index card for each day of the week…does this mean that each day has your daily intentions and you have special intentions for certain days? What about the people that you promised prayers for on their intentions…do you include those in your dailys? That’s what I’ve been doing and that’s how I’m getting overwhelmed with everyone that I’m praying for…

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