Questions about justice


Situation 1 :

A Man catches a bus, ends up sitting next to a Christian, is converted to Christianity (Catholicism if you like), goes to heaven when he dies

Same man catches different bus (or decides to walk), does not meet said Christian, goes on living as he is and ends up in hell. Although he has plenty of opportunities throughout his life, that one incident that would have ‘tipped the scales’ and caused a change of heart does not occur.

Situation 2 :

Somebody who is living ‘sinfully’ has their life cut short by some freak accident, goes to hell. Had they kept on living they might changed, become a Christian, had their sins forgiven etc… but this future doesn’t happen.

Situation 3 :

Person is born into a time period/society with absolutely no knoweldge of Christianity and thus are less likely to live a life ‘pleasing to God’ because the norms of their (pagan) society influence perceptions of right and wrong.

Same person is born in a time a place where Christianity has a substantial influence on behaviour and belief. Thus they are much more likely to be ‘saved’.

Situation 4 :

Child is born into a family of non believers
Same child is born into a Christian household…

etc etc getting the idea now.

It just doesn’t seem fair


If God truly desires that all people be saved, then He can and does arrange that each person will receive the grace they need to be saved.

Look at it this way. Would you leave the life-or-death fate of one you loved to a chance encounter on a bus? If you wouldn’t, why would you think that God would?


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