Questions about Mary & Jesus apparitions


More of an impossibility than a problem since, you know, the goddess Isida is not real.


No, the exorcists prays because demons hate the sound of prayers and must flee.


The Blessed Virgin acknowledges her Son in the very reason for appearing which is to lead people to Him.

By the way, am I not Jesus’ brother if I keep His commandments (Mark 3:35)? Isn’t it some kind of ‘new gospel’ preached by the spirit of Fatima?

Loving and honouring your Father and Mother is a commandment.

(Explicitly exclaimed by Jesus, from the Cross).

The messages at authentic apparitions preach the Gospel. And invite people to love God with their whole heart, mind and soul.

In my view, there is signifacant difference between Saul’s vision and marian apparitions. The first clearly led to Christ, while considering the second one might have some doubts.

Authentic apparitions have led many to faith. And the Rosary has been preached which has led many to and kept many in the faith. If individuals have doubts then that is down to the individual to reconcile. Do you know anything about Lourdes?

If marian apparitions really lead people to Jesus, I think protestants wouldn’t have any problem with them, as they do not have problem with Saul’s vision.

Protestants are not a good example because they believe in ‘Sola Scriptura’.

I think some Protestants also believe that St. Paul started a separate Church, which is of course, false.

Please forgive me, I’ll just give a thought. Ancient people used to burn their children as sacrifices for Baal, because it worked.

The apparitions by Our Lady recognised in Mexico (Guadeloupe) converted millions to the Church! And many of these people were, before their conversion, making human sacrifices (which they stopped doing, after their conversion).

As you said earlier in your post - Satan is father of lies. He has no problem with mixing truth with false, it’s an old trick from the garden of Eden. And to whom Mary from apparitions encourages people to pray? Not to herself only?

At Lourdes and Fatima (I think), she had her head bent in reverence to God, and she was following the Rosary beads in her hand, interceding for the children and the world, as they prayed.


Lol… Saying ‘Mary’s cult’ I assume you were baptised Catholic as a baby and live in a Spanish/Italian/Portuguese country? And let me guess, you were told that the Church is false and the Bible is true.

Yet you wonder: countless whitenesses through history cant be wrong. The same people who tell you the Bible alone is all you need, are now saying that these visions are of Satan because the Church is basically Satanic. Inside you, you know that their answer does not feel right.

What’s happening is your soul is demonstrating to you an opposition to the other souls who are saying these things are of Satan. You are able to ‘sense’ this.

What I will tell you is that people who believe in Bible alone are another American born cult. Like all of them, they are VERY MODERN in history (less than 100 yrs) and tend to missionize Catholics and traditional Protestants AWAY from their Churches. They are almost always works based money making schemes for the organization. One lerson sits at the top while you knock door to door hoping to steal Christians away from other Churches. This is business marketing and something NO ONE HAS EVER DONE in all Christian history. We dont ‘re-missionize’ - this in the NT but they dont follow the Bible.

These American cults do NOT believe Jesus is God because of how they feel about Mary as a ‘sinner’ (God forgive me for even saying such statement). That is where they WILL TRICK you into denying Jesus as the Messiah wothout knowing it. They go through Mary to accomplish their task of having you deny Jesus as God and thus your Messiah.

They lie and claim they are Protestants when they are NOT. A real Protestant is legally complex. They are technically catholics who are currently in a ‘state of Protest’ that the Church is still trying to work out. We must remember that this was under state Monarchy’s when it happened. Americans have recently STOLEN the name of Protestantism.

Todays Calvinism/Reformed in America are just another group of 501c3 money making businesses and have NOTHING at all in commin with Calvin or his views. Same with Luther. They are riding on coat-tails that do NOT belong to them or share their beliefs. Real Protestants in Europe took their religious HERETICS and cast them away to America where their cults flourished and grew. In modern times, these people are now wolves sent out to the rest of the world to steal sheep and pervert Christianity for the FIRST time in history at this large of a scale. They’ve made Christians look bad theough their own behaviour.

You dont want to be part of them. And I will say 100% that almost EVERYTHING they say when they interpret scripture is a lie or mistranslation that does NOT even reflect traditional Protestant beliefs and translations, let alone Catholic. They have taken the Bible, and ripped it apart into 66 books by accepting the Lordship of Rabbi’s into their own Faith despite what Jesus said about calling another Rabbi. Great number eh? You think that is a coincidence?

-6 the number of man & JudaISM’s Rabbinical endorsement resulting in 66 books = 6&66
-Jesus follower’s STOPPED following him because they took another master = John 6:66

The rest of John 6 shows Jesus TRUE followers may have pondered the objections of the other Rabbi’s and may have been ‘swayed’ a bit and that’s okay and natural. However, Jesus true followers could NOT be deceived.

These anti-Church, anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant, anti-sacrament, Bible-alone hypocrites have probably waged the greatest war on Christianity in history considering statistical evidence. As in John 6:66 many will be swayed by common logic and chose the wrong side.

Christians are unique - we have faith, hope, trust, and belief in things which are a MYSTERY. This ability requires a supernatural faith which only LEGALLY baptized Christians have. It’s difficult for a Christian to recognize this because this Sensus Fidelium is a literal, metaphysical part of your ‘new soul’ which was given to you at baptism. When I see someone asking questions about Mary like that, it reminds of my self when I was new and didn’t understand. Those without legal baptism who attempt to serve two masters, are at a deeper soul opposition to Mary, for Mary is not their mother. Their mother is another, who they need to COME OUT OF. They need to climb into a Blessed water water and be born again. As adults, will they approach the water in true faith? Will they be like Simon and nullify the transaction in the unseen realm that happens during a baptism, all because of incorrect beliefs and preconceived notions going in? Will they think ‘this is silly’ or ‘I need to be dunked you know’. Do you think we baptise babies for the fun of it? Do you think the local 501c3 or carnal beast on Youtube will educate you on scripture regarding these topics? They have no idea what is in plain sight (like how the SDA couldnt see their own folly as God works on the 7th day in Gen 1).

Anyhow, I’m sure God knows the veiled blasphemies they speak against Him; by those WHO SAY they are Christians and are NOT, but DO LIE, and are of the Synague of Satan. They attempt to serve TWO masters which is not possible. And they will mash teeth in anger when they find out the truth.


I find it interesting how you come after Catholics about the things that they are not even required to believe in, why not ask us about the actual dogmas, the requirements of the faith. Until you can effectively argue against those then all this is smoke and mirrors, just a show to try to call Catholics out…One of the main reasons my argument against Catholics fell apart so easily when I tried it.

Yet if being Catholic doesn’t actually go against anything I believe but enhances and enriches the truth then I have an obligation to further that, not stick with an argument because I need to tow the line…

My question to you is, as I mentioned in my first post, have you tried praying about this with an open mind and letting the Holy Spirit guide you? Because if you have your mind made up then there is no point, but if you are open to the Holy Spirit then there is much joy awaiting you brother…


Since such thoughts did not occur on the face of this earth until 1500s Europe, why not doubt them first? Since the greatest division and pulverization of the Body of Christ did not occur until 1500s Europe, why not doubt that first? You are assuming that a new, Euro-centric, revolutionary, disagreeing and divisive “gospel” is true. Why not test the spirits that are leading you first? They have lead you into division.

You are aligned perfectly with atheists here. All apparitions lead to Christ, as Mary always and everywhere leads to Christ. They lead to the denial of self, the offering of prayer and works of charity. That seem like the devil to you? If so, was Jesus lying, and a house divided really can stand?

Points to ponder sincerely.


It does seem interesting to me the division in our Protestant brothers and sisters but they continuously fail to see this single point, only the Catholic Church has been there from the beginning, has lasted through the centuries, and is not divided against itself. Yet the Christian encyclopedia lists over 30,000 different Christian religions!

I recently asked a Protestant if one of your church leaders did something illegal or basically something you didn’t agree with would you leave your church and go find a new church and he said yes! I think one of the main problems is a lack of commitment in today’s American and even I’d go so far to say Western Christians (Protestant and Catholic alike although more Protestants have this tendency I fear).

Sorry not to get off topic but I just had to put my two cents in! Lol…


I recommend getting the book “The Great Apparitions of Mary” by Ingo Swann. It is available as an ebook. The book reviews 21 apparitions and covers the period from 1531 to 1981. Almost all are recognized by the Church.


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