Questions about Mass offerings

I am not baptized, but I regularly offer up a Mass or several Masses for the relief of poor souls in the Purgatory. I also pray the Rosary daily for the poor souls. Will God accept my offerings and prayers for the poor souls? I really hope that my sins will not hinder the relief of the poor souls.

It seems that I am like talking to the air when offering Masses or saying the Rosary. I don’t know if my work can help the poor souls.

Any response?

N.B. There are VERY FEW parishioners offering Masses nowadays. Envelopes for mass stipends are seldom taken away. And I think there are even fewer people offering up Masses for the poor souls.
The regular Mass stipend for one Mass in my parish, according to what I know, is $50 which I find it very expensive since I am only a student. So what I do is I offer up a sum of money and require a larger number of Masses to be offered with that stipend. Am I being too mean? I just want more Masses to be offered.

No, God does not ignore the prayers of the unbaptized. Keep doing what you’re doing. :thumbsup:

But hopefully you are working towards getting baptized, right?

The usual mass stippened is $10.

Joe 5859 yes I’m gonna join in RCIA class… I have determined to receive baptism. But this will realise only after I know which college I’m getting in. Hope there’ll be RCIA there at that place.
MichaelHowling oh is it $10? Anyway, I don’t care about the amount of the stipend - as long as Mass is offered.

You can offer Mass intentions during the intercession and during the offertory (mentally, of course). Watch for when the deacon pours water into the chalice that the priest blesses. This signifies the mingling of human intentions with the divine sacrifice of Christ’s blood. And when you are baptized, you also get another intention when you receive the Eucharist. This is chiefly what I do, intentions-wise. The Mass is primarily about offering your entire self to God. Paying for Mass intentions is certainly a charitable and noble use of your money, but one needn’t believe that your participation in the Mass isn’t, in itself, also a petition united to Christ’s total self-donation.

Also, actively discern what God is calling you to offer intentions for. He knows best where prayers are needed.

That’s great! Most any college campuses should have a Catholic Newman center/ Newman club. Just seek that out once you’re at school and inquire there. Some Newman centers are offshoots of one of the local Catholic parishes. Others are large enough to have their own chapel and RCIA programs. It all depends on the size of the school and such things.

Good luck! :thumbsup: I’ll say a prayer for you.

You are doing a very good deed by offering prayers, holy masses for the poor souls in Purgatory.

At Marytown, they offer St. Anthony de Padua Holy Mass League wherein holy masses will be said for your intentions daily perpetually for the lifetime of the mass league & it only costs $25 donation.

Please visit their website for further info.

Also, on their website if you click the Adoration Chapel tab, you will see the live stream of their perpetual adoration chapel with people adoring Our Good Lord Jesus or attending holy mass. You can do online adoration too which I assure you is such an awesome experience & grace filled moment.

God bless you and all!

Praying for you and for all always!

Thank you for introducing the Marytown Mass League.

I have another question about Rosary. I am not good at visual imagination, and usually my contemplation is more about the meanings and messages behind each mystery instead of the story itself. So is this fine?

My contemplation is weak. Very often I switch to the meditation of Hail Mary rather than the mystery :slight_smile:

Regarding praying including the rosary, just allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, to pray, move & work in you, whether by meditating on the mysteries and its meaning or by contemplating Our great & awesome God or just simply lifting your heart, your mind to God & spend that moment in silence when you are unable to pray.

What’s important is constantly being attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit & doing God’s most Holy Will.

Praying for you and for all always.

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