Questions about modest dressing


I’ve never seen Catholics who dress this way. Some of the sites I investigated last night reminded me of Fundimentalist LDS and I was suprised to learn of Catholics who dressed like that.

Please. I mean no offense. I am genuinely curious. I’ve also read about Islamic women the hijab and am curious about wearing a head covering.

If you don’t mind my nosiness… what made some of you decide to dress modestly? Were you raised that way? Did you join a Church that stressed dressing modestly? Did you marry someone who wanted you to dress that way?

Am I a totally off base, dummy-head, who just doesn’t GET it? :smiley: Was it just a religious revelation to you? Just, being a subjective word :o

I’m actually intrigued. I’m thinking of trying to slowly move toward modest dressing,maybe wearing skirts more, and see how “liberating” it is. Once again a “subjective” word, I’ve heard Muslim women calling a hijab liberating.



What are you referring to as “modest dressing?”


you know no Catholics who dress modestly? well I and my daughters and granddaughters don’t walk around like street tramps and we’re Catholic. What is your definition of modest?


Wearing a hijab and headscarf while being Catholic and not conservative Muslim, would be quite attention-getting, which is quite the opposite of modest. It would in fact be immodest, although not in a sexual way. The Opening Poster is referring to links from this thread. While some of the clothes in those catalogues are pearls of conservative elegance in line with the best Euroatlantic traditions, some betray heavy Muslim influence and some are outright ugly.

I think we Catholics believe in covering up and not wearing ridiculously tight stuff, but we don’t believe in becoming shapeless and shouting “blasphemy!” at a single square inch of God-created human flesh sticking out.

I have always thought the idea is to avoid the dissolute parts of modern collections, not to wear secularised habits or hijab-inspired clothes. I understand it’s increasingly difficult to find appropriate ladies clothes in normal shops, but some of the “modesty” designers really overdo it.


Oh, no. Guess I phrased that wrong. I didn’t mean that I want to wear a hijab around. Maybe try one on, ya know. I just wondered what it’s like for a Muslim woman to wear one.

I agree with you about the modesty designers. Yikes. Not making fun of those of you who like their clothing, I’d just rather not look like Laura Ingalls, myself. I found some great sites with pretty, understated, modern-looking clothing.

Puzzelannie, I think you misunderstood me. I don’t* personally*, IRL, know any Catholic women who wear jumpers and babuskas. Go back and read the thread on finding modest clothing and you’ll see the type of clothing to which I refer. I’m not saying that if you don’t dress “modestly” you’re a tramp. If that’s what I meant, I’d have to put myself in that catagory.

vluvski, I’m talking about this thread
if you go back to the beginning of the thread, there are links to sites with what’s called “modest” clothing. Some of them are stylish and modern with longer skirts and higher necklines, while some are more old fashioned, less modern looking.



Well, to actually answer your questions:

in general or just in Mass? I’ve found websites that have nice headcovers and I’ve actually seen women in Mass wearing them. They’re more like a wide scarf, worn as a hijab and the women look nice. I’ve actually thought of moving in that direction but just can’t seem to take the leap because I’m too stuck on “what if someone thinks I look funny?” mentality. (I know, I shouldn’t care, but some priests do point those types of things out, kwim? I’ve also run into too many Fem-Nazi’s that like to “inform” me that our Church has been “women-libbed” for years so I don’t have to wear something a man told me to wear. :shrug: :rolleyes: )

If you don’t mind my nosiness… what made some of you decide to dress modestly? Were you raised that way? Did you join a Church that stressed dressing modestly? Did you marry someone who wanted you to dress that way?

I started to move to more skirts and dresses because I used to live in the desert of SoCal and it was HOOOOT. Wearing shorts just made the skin on my leg feel like parchment paper because there was no covering. I noticed that wearing loose and long (to about 2 inches below the knee or longer) skirts made my skin feel normal and I was actually cooler. No I was not raised that way however my parents would call me a whore if I wore anything that revealed anything. I honestly was one of those teens that didn’t like tight clothing or breast/cleavage revealing clothing, I always wore longer shorts, looser pants, nice feminine shirts that was elegant, not revealing. Yet if I happened to look nice, my parents always had a few short words for me (yes, I have self esteem issues because of it). So because of this manner in which I was raised, I feel more feminine and elegant wearing skirts and dresses. Although I do like a nice pair of slacks and/or jeans. So I’m not totally into skirts/dresses, kwim? (someday I may be there).

No I did not join any church that demanded modesty. I’ve always been Catholic so I’ve never come across any that demanded this (I’m a military brat and married to the military, so trust me, I’ve been around the globe a time or two). However, I have been to the Vatican and they have a strict dress code and while stationed in Germany, we had a priest that demanded modest clothing in the sense of “Ladies- no see through shirts, booty cut shorts or skirts, sleeveless shirts or ripped clothing. Guys- no ripped clothing, sleeveless clothing nor shorts. All, no flip flops or house shoes unless you are pregnant with foot swelling or you’ve just had foot/ankle surgery and no pajamas. We’re here for Christ, not sexual advancement.” He’d gotten alot of complaints from people because the “younger crowd” (think 30 and under) were wearing those types of clothing to Mass and I think we can all agree that that type of clothing is just improper at Mass.

As for what my DH thinks… I have no clue. I know he doesn’t really care what I wear as long as it makes me comfortable and doesn’t look trashy (both senses- trashy like a tramp and trashy like a ho-bo).

Am I a totally off base, dummy-head, who just doesn’t GET it? :smiley: Was it just a religious revelation to you? Just, being a subjective word :o

No, I think I’m maturing to the point of wanting to set a more feminine example to our daughters. One that they can emulate with the idea that while mom wears skirts some of the time, she looks elegant and nice, not frumpy and dumpy.

I’m actually intrigued. I’m thinking of trying to slowly move toward modest dressing,maybe wearing skirts more, and see how “liberating” it is.

I’ve heard that alot from all my friends that dress in this form of modesty. I actually like the more traditional Indian dress with the long flowing wraps, tunics and flowing pants. I don’t know why, but I just find those more comfortable looking. I’m a tomboy and I just have a hard time moving to ALL dresses/skirts. kwim?

Good luck in your search! :thumbsup:


To answer your original question about dressing modestly:

I don’t cover my hair. But I can see how it could be freeing. Never have to worry about another bad hair day. Or bangs growing out. Or roots coming in.

I don’t wear dresses all the time, but wear a skirt or dress to Mass. I don’t wear low cut shirts. I found some cute button up shirts at Goodwill and I wear those. I refuse to let some stranger get a look at my body. I don’t want to cause him to sin and I don’t want to be thought of as trashy. I don’t wear shorts anymore, I wear capris during the summer. They are just as cool as short and at least you get some coverage.

My bathing suit is a high coverage top and a skirted bottom, though the bottom is not that long, but gives good coverage. Land’s End has a lot to choose from or you can google mastactomy bathing suits.

The hardest problem I have with finding cute modest clothing for low prices is skirt slits. They are always slit up too high, sometimes past the knee. So I mostly stick with flowing skirts. I did get lucky and find a denim & khaki skirt with a small slit at the bottom.

I also don’t really find skirts all that much cooler than capris because it’s so hot here anyway. You could be naked and still sweating.

Goodwill/thrift stores are the place to look for cheap modest clothing.


Out of curiosity, why mastectomy suits? I’m sure there’s some modesty reason that I’m totally missing.

I agree with you on the capris, though. I don’t wear shorts above the knee in public anymore. I have a bit of a tush, which means shorter shorts fit oddly, and I hate how much the legs pull up when I sit down. Bermuda shorts and capris are so much easier, and they look more pulled together, IMO.

OP: I don’t know any Catholic women who dress in Amish or fundamentalist Pentacostal/LDS clothing, either. I certainly think that it is possible to dress in modern styles while remaining modest. Rather than wearing a puff-sleeved blouse and loose ankle-length calico jumper, why not a mid-calf-length A-line skirt, camisole, and tailored blazer? Or a pretty shirt-dress, or feminine pant suit? I guess I don’t see how “modest” = “1890’s fashion”.


Because of the pocket to put the prosthetic breast, these suits provide high coverage. Though, in all honesty, the prices of the mastectomy suits run about the same as the Land’s End suits.

I just felt there was more selection with the mastectomy suits.



I see I am going to have to hone my mind-reading abilities if I wish to continue participating in these discussions.


I too, would love to buy and wear saris but I guess I’m afraid people (including myself) will think that I look silly in them since I’m a pale, freckled girl. However, they do look cool and comfy and they are more beautiful than any other clothing I’ve seen.


Care naught. You obviously don’t seem to be the phenotype to wear saris naturally, but eclectic combinations can come out quite dashing. If an Indian girl can wear a European style business outfit, you can wear a sari. Besides, if you pick the right colour for your complexion, you’ll look great. :thumbsup:


Gosh, I didn’t mean to offend you. I asked an honest question in my first post. It seemed you misunderstood what I was saying and I was only pointing out the original thread to you.



You don’t have to dress Amish or Menonite… and where in the world Mormon dress came into this I don’t know. I have a couple Mormon friends and they wear pants and stuff.

As said in the other thread. My SIL wears long skirts and 3/4 sleeves. She looks modern…in her own style (she like fabric I wouldn’t choose). She wears skirts that allow her to walk and run after her kids. Some of them are now title “romantic skirts” at place like Fashion Bug.
She definately doesn’t look Amish.


Yep, it’s certainly possible to dress modestly, even conservatively, within the boundaries of modern clothing. Reverting to 1800-es has an agenda to it and it’s more about “being modest” (if you catch my drift) than dressing modestly. Some people make it sound like the sight of a woman in trousers will lead men to impure thoughts (regardless of my belief that dresses typically look nicer).


I’ve done all my ‘modest dressing’ in my Mennonite days, enough to last me a lifetime. Now I simply wear what I like and what looks good on my size 24 frame. As you can imagine that’s nothing ‘too revealing’:wink:

Anna x


and where in the world Mormon dress came into this I don’t know. I have a couple Mormon friends and they wear pants and stuff.

I have found that Mormon sites for clothing have the most stylish modest clothing. They have dress requirements, but I am sure that many don’t follow them…
Mormons have no problem with women wearing pants, that I have ever heard about, but devout Mormons are advised to dress conservatively. Also, there are many who wear the special “Mormon underwear”, & that means that their outer clothing has to cover that, too…
For anyone looking for a modest (yet fashionable) wedding gown, prom dress, etc, the Mormons are the best. They have cornered that market, & are doing a very good job of it, too!!


the usual practice is to provide a link in OP with articles or sites you wish to discuss, that would have been helpful to those of us out of the loop.


Pardon me for my faux pa. I provided the link in my second post, after I realized my mistake. Other people provided the link as well. I have tried to respond positively to your questions. Is there a reason you are so upset? Is there something about me that makes you defensive and somewhat rude to me? You’re welcome to PM me.



You’re right. The few LDS who I know, dress pretty much like me, jeans and t-shirts.I found the Shade and Mobe sites have some really cute clothes. There was another one that I can’t think of right now, that had nice stuff.

My first post referred to the people I’ve seen on TV. The Warren Jeffs group. I didn’t mean to pigeon-hole all LDS. I know that particular group isn’t recognised by the offical LDS church, so I shouldn’t have said what I did.


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