Questions about moving to Canada, Toronto area


Ontario is beautiful. All my family lives in Toronto and it, for me, has a very homely feeling to it. Once you get a couple hours north of Toronto you get into the Ontario countryside with thousands of little lakes, and again its absolutely amazing. I’m living there once I get out of stinking, pot smoking, cosmopolitan Vancouver :wink:



I am an American citizen who moved to Canada in 2003 after marrying a Canadian. I was sponsored in by my husband, so it’s a whole differnet ballgame than what you are considering doing, but I have some familiarity with Immigration Canada. We live about an hour or so east of Toronto, south of the city of Peterborough. You should check out Immigration Canada’s website and contact the US Consulate in Toronto for more information (good luck getting them to answer the phone, though.)

The flood of 2005 you have heard of might be limited to Peterborough. There was a large rainstorm that caused a backup in the sewer system and flooded a good portion of the town. It was declared a state of emergency by the local authorities. However, it was very isolated. I live 15 minutes away and we had NO flooding.

The Catholic schools in Canada are government run and government funded (well, funded by taxpayers, but you get the idea), and VERY bad. There is the odd private school started by Catholic parents who refuse to send their kids to the “Catholic” parochial schools, but quite a few families homeschool.

OHIP (Ontario’s universal healthcare program) is adaquate, but there are long lines in emergency rooms and you also quite often have to wait months for things like CAT scans and MRIs. Plus, it’s almost impossible to get a family doctor. You have to have an “in” with another patient to be taken on (we only got ours because my husband had been a patient for 25 years). Also, OHIP does not cover dental care, eye care, and many other things. A lot of employers offer additional health coverage with a private company to supplement OHIP.

I hope this helps, feel free to PM me or post more questions, I will try to get back here and check.


I agree with Lissla that Kitchener-Waterloo is a nice place to live. I have a relative there too.

And I unfortunately have to agree with krista that there are some pretty bad Catholic schools. I think the Catholic education can very widely from school to school, and what instruction your children will get depends more on the opinions of the individual teachers than on the set cirriculum. I had some really good teachers in elementary school. I went to the public high school, and didn’t get any religious instruction there. Some of my friends went to Catholic high schools and were taught that Jesus didn’t really perform miracles, and that communion wasn’t really His body:mad:
There are several private Catholic schools in Toronto that are more orthodox.


Is there a list of good (publicly funded) Catholic schools in Ontario?


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