Questions about personal prayer and the Rosary


When one prays a prayer or the does a Rosary does having multiple intentions, or multiple individuals in Purgatory or on earth that the prayer is intended to benefit, do the multiple recipients or intentions receive the same value of that prayer or Rosary as they would if the prayer or Rosary was focused on a single individual or intention?

When two or more individuals say a prayer or Rosary together is the effect greater than if the individuals prayed separately for the same individual or intention?

Does being recently confessed and having Holy Communion influence the strength of our prayers and how they are received?


I think these are great questions. I grew up with a Rosary in the house and I’ve just started praying on it recently. I can’t answer your questions, but I hope someone can, it would benefit both of us :slight_smile:


Where two or three - are gathered together -
in HIS name - God’s there too !


If I could get one of my parents to pray the rosary with me that would be amazing. My dad’s a catholic but he’s tired from his work a lot, and my mom is supportive of me becoming a catholic but herself has some issues with it.

  1. Multiple intentions all get the same value whether you have 1 or 100.

  2. When more than one person is gathered in God’s name, God is there too, which is awesome. It does not however mean he places more weight on the prayers than if each person prayed separately at home.

  3. Recent confession and Communion only make your prayer more efficacious if it somehow shows you are more sincere. Plenty of sinners who haven’t confessed or received lately pray very heartfelt sincere prayers and God listens.


Dear okscouter,

Prayer is more than words “said”. The Rosary is a beautiful and powerful form of vocal prayer (actually saying the words of the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Creed, the Gloria), but it also is intended to lead us into mental prayer which requires us to ponder the words we say, paying attention to Whom we are praying, who is praying and what we are praying. We also need to ponder the mysteries of the Rosary. Before we even make an intention to pray for a person or persons, we need to recollect our own minds and hearts in order to pray with attention and devotion.

The Fourth Section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is devoted to “Prayer” and I’d encourage you, if you do not have a copy of the Catechism to purchase one. See HERE

Your question it seems to me falls into the category of “How efficacious is your praying the Rosary?” The Catechism asks the question in Chapter Three, “The Life of Prayer”, in Part Four and gives answers:

How is our prayer efficacious?

2738 The revelation of prayer in the economy of salvation teaches us that faith rests on God’s action in history. Our filial trust is enkindled by his supreme act: the Passion and Resurrection of his Son. Christian prayer is cooperation with his providence, his plan of love for men.

2739 For St. Paul, this trust is bold, founded on the prayer of the Spirit in us and on the faithful love of the Father who has given us his only Son. Transformation of the praying heart is the first response to our petition.

2740 The prayer of Jesus makes Christian prayer an efficacious petition. He is its model, he prays in us and with us. Since the heart of the Son seeks only what pleases the Father, how could the prayer of the children of adoption be centered on the gifts rather than the Giver?

2741 Jesus also prays for us - in our place and on our behalf. All our petitions were gathered up, once for all, in his cry on the Cross and, in his Resurrection, heard by the Father. This is why he never ceases to intercede for us with the Father. If our prayer is resolutely united with that of Jesus, in trust and boldness as children, we obtain all that we ask in his name, even more than any particular thing: the Holy Spirit himself, who contains all gifts.

Mary our Mother asked the children at Fatima to pray the Rosary and we know that two of them have already been declared Saints. I encourage you to be childlike in praying for others and leaving all to God’s Love. Mary taught the three little shepherd children to pray after every decade: “O my Jesus, pardon us and save us from the fires of hell. Draw all souls to heaven especially those in most need of Your Mercy.”

Part of the quote from the Catechism I put in bold print, because those sentences seemed best to answer your questions. Hope these words are of some help to you. Thanks for asking!


I thought it would be split between them?


God does not have limits. He doesn’t have X units of attention per rosary to be split 5 ways. He is perfectly capable of giving 100 percent attention to all 5 intentions at once.


Oh so I could have a litany of intentions?


Yes, if you wish. I go through the CAF prayer intentions sometimes and mark 10 or 15 of them for next rosary I say.


Wow and there was me picking a day per intention, now I can add a few more in.


It is also acceptable to assign one intention to one rosary, or one intention to one rosary decade. People often do this if they feel the intention is very important and they just want to concentrate on it. But it’s your choice how many intentions to do per rosary.


Thanks TB.


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