Questions about Piercings

Here’s some quick background on me: I was raised in a Catholic household by two very loving, but very strict parents. I was allowed to have my ears pierced (earlobe only), but was forbidden to get any other piercings. Now I’m a young mother (hubby and I married at 19, had our first baby at around 20) and I love staying at home to care for my two beautiful children. I’ve wanted to get a nose piercing for quite a while now, but I’m not sure what my parents will say regarding it if I do. I’m not looking to get a big ring, just a small stud, because I think they are attractive. My husband is very supportive of me and tells me that I should just go ahead and get it done if I want it. He doesn’t feel that I would have negative criticism because of a nose piercing, and to not worry about other people’s opinions of whether or not I have one.

I’m just wondering how piercings are viewed in your family and/or community. Personally, I don’t think that many people would have a negative opinion of me just based on a nose piercing, but I don’t have a problem with that type of piercing to begin with. My mother is convinced that people will see me as some “crazy rebel” type person if I get one. She says that since my husband works in a professional setting, it might also reflect badly on him if his wife has “weird” piercings and such. I feel like she thinks that piercings themselves are “bad” and she doesn’t want my image tarnished by one. What is your take on piercings and the way people who have them are viewed? Would it necessarily be bad for my children to grow up with a mother with a nose piercing?

I don’t think that a nose piercing would affect how you raise your children. All it is a piece of metal through your nostral. I don’t see any issue. :shrug: :slight_smile: Lots of young adults in my area have them and depending on the individual, they can be rather dashing in appearance.

Your husband gave you some good advice; I’d take it! :thumbsup: Just make sure you little one doesn’t try to grab it.

If you have the spare cash and want to get your nose pierced, get it done!

Different people will have different reactions. I don’t know that I can be more specific.

Some people may think a nose piercing is a terrible thing. Some people will think you are a crazy rebel… but even then they will probably consider you a harmless crazy rebel. Other people will think a nose piercing is completely neutral. Still more people will think it’s highly attractive. And those are just some possible reactions.

In general, I think you’ll find that older people are less likely to appreciate a nose piercing than are younger people. Likewise, more “formal” people are less likely to appreciate a nose piercing than are more “informal” people. Your geographical location, ethnicity, social circle, and many other factors will govern how people see you.

You are very young now, when you get older, you will regret it b/c you will have a hole in your face…I know a few people that have done this and regretted it…

I’ll never understand what’s so attractive about a nose ring. Some body parts just shouldn’t be pierced.

I don’t see it as a problem! Having the nose ring won’t change who you are, you will still be a wonderful mom and wife.

Personally, i think that a nose ring is cute (then again, I’m 20)… i am getting a cartilage piercing done in one of my ears tonight actually… i already have two piercings in each lobe. I think it can be done tastefully.

The one thing I’ll never understand is gauged ears… ew.

when somene grows tired of a nose piercing, they remove the ring and the hole closes up (very quickly). As long as the piercing was well cared for, there were no infections, all that is left is a small pinprick scar at worst.

Sorry for your friends, but, it sounds like there was more damage than a simple piercing.

Personally I would recommend against it, but not for moral reasons, more because I think any piercings besides earlobes are very unattractive. I guess the small studs aren’t that bad though, but I can definitely foresee you regretting it later in life.

I have heard some very interesting discussions about the morality of piercings before (as well as tattoos). I guess a lot of it will come down to why exactly you want a piercing.

Yes, that’s worth examining too. I went through a phase where I wanted a tattoo just like all the cool kids did, and the only thing that was holding me back was my lack of financial resources. If I’d gotten it then I don’t think I’d regret it now, per se, I’d just wonder what was so special about the tattoo that I wanted it so badly.

I’m not a huge fan of piercings other than the basic ears on girls, but you aren’t talking about piercing my nose. :smiley: I think as long as you can wear something small in it for times when you wouldn’t want something really noticeable, party at hubby’s work, it isn’t a big deal. I know I’ve seen some studs that are small enough that you have to be thinking about it to even realize it is a piercing. You should also consider where you live. I know out here, it is no big deal for the majority of people, especially in a big city, however, if you live in a small town in the mid-west of the south, it might have more of a stigma.

The only thing to think about with nose piercings is sometimes they cause keliods. If you have a history of scarring and the scar bubbling up, a nose piercing is probably not a good idea. Otherwise … if you want your nose pierced, go get it pierced!

Full Disclosure: I’m 23 and have had many piercings in the past, including a monroe (on my face). It has since closed up, and even though I can see the divet it left behind no one ever notices and it doesn’t bother me or my husband.

I’m well out of my 20’s, and I think if you want one go for it :thumbsup: There is nothing morally wrong with piercings. Honestly, I doubt most people would give it a second thought. Many of my friends, and my kids friends have them. I would most likely allow any of my children to get their nose pierced, if I felt they were responsible enough to care for it.

You are a grown woman with your own family. I think your hubby’s advice was good advice. Your parents may not like it at first, but they’ll get over it.

Basically, I have been thinking about getting one because I think they are attractive and interesting. I think that a small stud in the nose looks cute on certain people, and I think it would look good on my nose. I’m a pretty conservative person, but I tend to like “edgy” styles (hair, for example). I’m still very young, (23) so I’ve wondered about later in life what would happen if I decided that I didn’t want it anymore. I’ve had a couple of friends who had nose piercings and later decided to remove the stud and let it close, and for them, it closed up without leaving a scar.

Most of my friends and people in my generation (that I’ve encountered, at least) don’t seem to take issue with a nose piercing. I’m mostly concerned with reactions from my elders… like people in my parents’ generation. The community I live in is mostly made up of conservatives, although it is growing rapidly, so there is much more diversity there than existed even a year ago. My main question (which I know I have to answer for myself) is whether I will let other people’s opinions of me affect my happiness. I also think that I’m putting so much thought into this because I know my parents’ disapproval of piercings, and I can already imagine the types of things they will say when they see it for the first time (if I decide to get it).

I think nose rings are pretty and I’m 37. I have a bunch of Indian friends who have their noses pierced. My sister got her nose pierced when she was in college and when she got older she decided she didn’t like it anymore so she took it out. You can’t tell that she ever had one. Her best friend (who is still her best friend) did the same thing and I can’t see her old hole in her nose either. (except the two holes she breaths thru :p)

So, I think piercings are a fine way to express yourself and it’s not going to show when you decide you don’t want it anymore.

I personally think you’d be the “cool mom” when they turn 14ish. It would have absoutely no effect as to how good a mom you are.

I’m 29, and I thought about getting one when I was younger. I sort of wish I did.

I never thought of it that way! :slight_smile:

You already know that you will disappoint your mother, but as a married woman you make your own choices.
Personally, every time I see someone with a stud in their nose, I think they have a giant zit. I really don’t see the attraction. I have to stop my self every time from telling someone that they have something on their face. :eek:

In my opinion I wouldn’t be worried about what my parents thought. I’d be more worried that it would give the ghetto/white trash impression to people.

I would have to agree with this (no offense meant!)

I have never had my nose pierced, but I have had my tongue, belly button and nipple done. The only one that didn’t cause me problems was the tongue, and I ended up taking that out anyway. The only thing I would caution if you are going to do it is to know (if you can) how your body will react. Mine hated the metal and continusously rejected it, even after years of careful cleaning and maintenance. It was no longer worth the hassle and I hate the scars I have now (even though they’re almost completely gone). Personally, I would not get anything pierced again.

It’s a fashion statement is all, and you’ll grow out of it eventually. Just remember that, and if it’s still worth it for you, more power to you.

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