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Hellor everyone,

I’m about to contact all political Muslim

And I cannot do this as I’m not a political leader and I do not have AC Level diploma. But, I simply have strong desire of wanting to accelerate things, and I do not know the meaning of having patience. My parents keept on advicing me to let God Almighty to do this instead of me, but the main problem is that I do not know the meaning of having patience and mind my own life.

Do you have anyone who’s friend with President Trump? Because, I would like to contact him so I can fullfill my dream which I told you about it. I simply do not like anymore people hating and bashing Islam. This is not acceptible anymore, I feel like wanting to prove them wrong through action.

There would be less bashing if moderate Muslims would stand up and protest against the violent/terrorist Muslims, and cooperate with the police and other authorities to root them out.


Well, I’ll try to make moderate Muslim organization which will work to protest against terrorists and violent “Muslims”.

But luckily, I have got email of Saudi Parliament and I just emailed it, and hopefuly they will give me response. Because, I asked for what ways I can contact King of Saudi Arabia.

I am afraid it is too late. Minds are already made up.

If you wish to contact President Trump, please just do the normal thing and send him a letter through the mail to the White House like everyone else.

Please be careful not to put anything in it that might alarm the Secret Service.


Is it ok if I ask the white house to make plans on exterminating ISIS? It would be my pleasure to see the death of ISIS and a great joy to see them(aka ISIS) dead.

Can you tell me how send letter to White House?

You can e-mail, call, or write. I notice they are preferring you to e-mail nowadays, which is faster and probably safer/ easier as they would not need to screen an e-mail for things like anthrax.

I STRONGLY recommend you do not mention anything violent like “Extermination” or “Death” in your e-mail. It will likely trigger some review and you could end up on a watch list.

You could say something like, you are very concerned about the grave threat of ISIS and you would like the President to take all possible steps to deal with the threat and keep people safe.


Thank you very much. You brought me a happiness.

But what’s the problem if I use those words if I’m accurate on the message I wanna deliver?

There is a lot of security in Washington DC around any federal official, including judges, agency heads and most especially the President.

Anything that suggests you are violent or advocating violence will likely trigger a security process.

This could cause problems for you later on if you were trying to fly somewhere, visit a government building, or go in and out of the USA.

So just be very diplomatic when you write.


Fine, then I’ll do what you’re saying.

How many years it will take for me to convince people that they are wrong about the mainstream of Islam? Any idea?

How can anyone answer that question.

No no, that’s not satirical question. This is so I can have an idea, so I won’t feel that I have wasted my time. Because, I don’t want to feel that my work is in vein.

Absolutely nobody here can answer that question and frankly I doubt if it will ever happen.

Then what’s the last resolt I can apply?

No idea. I don’t think a letter to Trump or the Saudi king would make any difference anyway.

I really dreamt that God Almighty would have made Romania to be absolute monarchy and to make my family to be royal, and To Decree that I should be the future king of Romania in 21 century so I could fullfill my dream. But I’m not at all a political leader for me to fullfill this wish​:expressionless::expressionless: and my family isn’t royal nor imperial…

I really hate this life… this life is so injust and cruel… I feel like bashing God Almighty for not doing those stuff, but I hold myself not to do this as it constitute pure blasphemy(kufr) and it takes me out from Islam.

I feel like becoming pscyhopanth…

Maybe you should seek some medical help.

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Do you even understand the background behind this?

The background behind what? Your posts are becoming somewhat incoherent rants.

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