Questions about repentance

  1. Church teaches that whoever in the hell can’t repent because there are no grace. What if we pray to God to give them the grace required to repent?
  2. There is a teaching that we must not eat the Holy Communion in a grave sin state, but there is also a teaching that we must receive the Holy Communion on Passover days. What if we gravely sinned right before Passover masses, like Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, White Thursday, Great Friday, and Holy Saturday?
  3. Is there an official Church teaching about Chaplet of the Divine Mercy? Can it be done anytime, because I’ve seen some literature that it should be done at 3pm.
  4. This is more like a personal matter, but I sometimes think that salvation is based on luck for some people. Jesus, in the “Parable of the Faithful Servant”, said that the coming of Son of Man in unpredictable. What if a person that follow a holy life for a very long time, do one grave sin, then suddenly died in an accident immediately before he can repent?
  1. No grace is no grace. There is none to be had

  2. There is no such teaching. One is recommended to receive once a year at Eastertide if in a state of grace as a minimum for reception on the Holy Eucharist.

  3. No. It is a private devotion. There are no official teachings.

  4. We do not know what our particular judgment looks like. The basics of church teaching is that if you die in a state of Moral sin you cannot go to heaven. However, we are also entrusted to the mercy of God.


I would add that the Divine Mercy Chaplet is often recommended at 3 PM because 3 PM IS the hour of mercy, but many of us pray it at bedtime. Nothing is mandatory.

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