Questions about rosary

How do I start saying the rosary and stay engaged in saying the rosary? I have several of them at least two of them. I have a job in retail that doesn’t allow me to have a full rosary “necklace” . Where can I get a ring rosary so it’s not so obvious and screams I’m catholic to my co-workers? I would like them to be curious enough to ask questions about it if they want to but still not offend anyone who isn’t catholic.

Laudate is an app to try, there are several out there, small books also. For years I wore a rosary bracelet I made with stretchy cord. Thats an option.

Some finger rosaries are here: To get into the habit of the rosary, you may want to listen to encouragement for saying it:

Ask God to help you keep up the practice of at least one set of mysteries per day.

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