Questions about Sacramentals, blessed objects?

I have some questions with regards to blessed objects…

When does an object remain blessed until? For example my bible which was blessed might have had tiny pieces of the paper that have torn out… would those pieces still be blessed and thus have to be properly disposed of? If they were not disposed of properly (i.e. thrown out) how seriously sinful would that be?

Also is it a serious sin if non religious objects (like a car, house) that are blessed are damaged deliberately? I was given a gift from someone ( a handmade bird nest kind of thing that was blessed) but pieces of it might have fallen off and are now in the garbage, recycle? Is that a sacrilege?


Don’t worry about it. It was the Bible that was blessed, not the individual pages or bits of pages. We’ve had Bibles that were so worn out we burned them. But if you live in the city that’s not easy. So just tear it apart and put it in the paper recycle bin.

A bird nest? Seriously? Don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t advise deliberately damaging a car or house that are usable, but if they are no longer functional they can be destroyed.

Blessed functional objects such as houses, cars, bikes, batteries (yes, I’ve heard of it being done!), are not sacramentals.

Do you suffer from scruples? If so, have a chat with your priest. That seems to be a very common problem here at CAF.

Bonnie, the recycle bin is not the place for a Blessed Bible! if you cannot properly dispose of it by burning and burrying the ashes, The Blessed item should be taken to a Catholic Church for them to dispose of it properly. Have a great day!

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