Questions about school

I would love your help on this

1.- the thing is this i got on a team for a class, we had to make some electronics practices, we were very lazy, but now at the end we can still make them, but we are going to divide the work, the problem is my team wants to copy them, not sure if they are making them or copying them. so my problem is, those were suposed to be made on team, not alone, so i feel like if i were cheating by leting them doing some on their own, and the second what if im getting grades because of the copied ones?

2.-second, if someone uses pirated software on their computers, what am i supposed to do, avoid using them? easy stuff but what if i have to work with them? if they sent me an image made with that software can i still use it, at least to see what is about?

3.- on another team we made a project, but i worked on it very little, part because i was lazy, but also i tried to help later (not sure if did my best to tough) but in the end i contributed with money only and very little work, part of it was redone later by other member.

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