Questions about St Faustina's Diary

At the risk of being publily open about my lack of spiritual knowledge here are my basic questions:

  1. What does the (+) in front of certain entries mean?
  2. Are the numbers in front of the entries simply numbering them for the sake of reference?
    3)What are the (numbers) that are sometimes in the middle of an entry? Origianl notebook page numbers?

I have the footnote system figured out-that was easier :slight_smile: I realize that these questions are not that important in the grand scheme of things. It is just distracting not knowing what they are. I tried to Google it and found nothing.


I’ll answer your questions in reverse order, if that’s OK with you.

  1. I just read in the Preface of the New English version that the numbers in between sentences and such are the pages of the original diary.

  2. I’ve only seen them being used for reference. I’d be surprised if they had another purpose

  3. I’ve thought of many different theories, but I can’t think of one that works. I have no idea.

Hope I helped!

Maybe they are crosses?

That is my guess as well, but I can’t figure out why some and not others…It does not seem to be related to a passage from Christ. Maybe someone out there knows :slight_smile:

  1. Oh yep, there it is :slight_smile: I could not find that reference when I went back to look at it :slight_smile:
    re: #1-I am hoping someone out there knows :slight_smile:
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