Questions about St Margaret

I hope this is the right place to ask this question. Right now I am learning a lot about the Catholic Church trying to decide if is the right place for my children and me so I am asking a lot of questions trying to learn more about Catholicism . I have been trying to find out about Saint Margaret (of Scotland) but I have been able to find very little about her on line. Anyone here know a little more about her?
The reason I am wondering is I was born at a Catholic Hospital named after St. Margaret. After the hospital was closed the statue of her was moved to a local cemetery. I have always felt drawn to this statue. She also pops into my head, even more so now that I have been thinking of converting.
One thing I read said she was the patron saint of large families. What I find interesting is while I do not have a large family ever since I was 17 I wanted a very large family (four children at the bare minimum) Could this have any connection? What could it mean?

I don’t know much more than you could learn off Wikipedia. She was an English princess. Her family moved to Scotland to escape the Normans. She married the King. She was known as a very pious and charitable woman. She had 8 kids. If you feel a special connection with her, ask her to pray for you.

There is more information from various sources at the above site.

I had never heard of her, so thanks! She had eight children, and I do also. :slight_smile:

Thank you, but I had found those sites already, and to me it just seems that there is very little about here. I was hoping some one could elaborate on those sites.

Most of the time it is difficult to discover a lot of documentation about a saint from 1,000 years ago. I am surprised that they had the amount of information that was available.

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