Questions About The Bible

I have a number of questions I would like to ask Catholics about the Bible.

The first one is what sources do you use to determine the dates that each chapter of the Bible was written? Where could I view your source? Is it an official, Catholic source?

When you ask when each CHAPTER Of the bible was written, do you really mean each book, Old and New Testament?

I found this link that might help you with the New Testament:

To my knowledge, the Church has never issued anything official on the dates of authorship of the Bible. Each of us is allowed to use any sources that we see fit and decide for ourselves. I use all kinds of sources for my understanding of the matter, and all are common and on-line. For the record, i hold that the Gospels, acts, and Revelation were all finished prior to 70 A.D.

here is the one I use I do not know if it Cathloic are not
The following dates are not always exact, but are very good estimates.

Old Testament

Book Author Date Written
Genesis Moses ? - 1445 B.C.
Exodus Moses 1445 - 1405 B.C.
Leviticus Moses 1405 B.C.
Numbers Moses 1444 - 1405 B.C.
Deuteronomy Moses 1405 B.C.
Joshua Joshua 1404-1390 B.C.
Judges Samuel 1374-1129 B.C.
Ruth Samuel 1150? B.C.
First Samuel Samuel 1043-1011 B.C.
Second Samuel Ezra? 1011-1004 B.C.
First Kings Jeremiah? 971-852 B.C.
Second Kings Jeremiah? 852-587 B.C.
First Chronicles Ezra? 450 - 425 B.C.
Second Chronicles Ezra? 450 - 425 B.C.
Ezra Ezra 538-520 B.C.
Nehemiah Nehemiah 445 - 425 B.C.
Esther Mordecai? 465 B.C.
Job Job? ??
Psalms David 1000? B.C.
Sons of Korah wrote Psalms 42, 44-49, 84-85, 87; Asaph wrote Psalms 50, 73-83; Heman wrote Psalm 88; Ethan wrote Psalm 89; Hezekiah wrote Psalms 120-123, 128-130, 132, 134-136;
Solomon wrote Psalms 72, 127.
Proverbs Solomon wrote 1-29
Agur wrote 30
Lemuel wrote 31 950 - 700 B.C.
Ecclesiastes Solomon 935 B.C.
Song of Solomon Solomon 965 B.C.
Isaiah Isaiah 740 - 680 B.C.
Jeremiah Jeremiah 627 - 585 B.C.
Lamentations Jeremiah 586 B.C.
Ezekiel Ezekiel 593-560 B.C.
Daniel Daniel 605-536 B.C.
Hosea Hosea 710 B.C.
Joel Joel 835 B.C.
Amos Amos 755 B.C.
Obadiah Obadiah 840 or 586 B.C.
Jonah Jonah 760 B.C.
Micah Micah 700 B.C.
Nahum Nahum 663 - 612 B.C.
Habakkuk Habakkuk 607 B.C.
Zephaniah Zephaniah 625 B.C.
Haggai Haggai 520 B.C.
Zechariah Zechariah 520 - 518 B.C.
Malachi Malachi 450 - 600 B.C.

New Testament

Book Author Date Written (A.D)
Matthew Matthew 60’s
Mark John Mark late 50’s
early 60’s
Luke Luke 60
John John late 80’s
early 90’s
Acts Luke 61
Romans Paul 55
1 Corinthians Paul 54
2 Corinthians Paul 55
Galatians Paul 49
Ephesians Paul 60
Philippians Paul 61
Colossians Paul 60
1 Thessalonians Paul 50 - 51
2 Thessalonians Paul 50 - 51
1 Timothy Paul 62
2 Timothy Paul 63
Titus Paul 62
Philemon Paul 60
Hebrews (Paul, Apollos, Barnabas…?) 60’s
James James, half brother of Jesus 40’s or 50’s
1 Peter Peter 63
2 Peter Peter 63 - 64
1 John John late 80’s
early 90’s
2 John John late 80’s
early 90’s
3 John John late 80’s
early 90’s
Jude Jude, half brother of Jesus 60’s or 70’s
Revelation John late 80’s
early 90’s

Hi Bill,

Do you have the internet link of this information?

I use the notes in my 1960 edition of the Douay-Rhiems Study Bible. I also use other sources such as the New Jerome Commentary, although where they differ, I tend to prefer the Douay notes.

Just a note; although I do consider Moses to be primarily responsible for the production of the Book of Genesis, I expect that the other four books of the Penteteuch were written shortly after his death, as a memorial to his life and work. Also, Miriam the sister of Moses is probably responsible for at least a small portion of the Book of Psalms, since we see her singing Psalms in the Book of Exodus that we also see included in that book, as well. :slight_smile:

Try I just seen it is Carm and carm has some bad info so please be carfull. off hand I,d say it is not Cathloic

CARM is definitely not Catholic, and also not likely to be accurate about anything. Why are you using it? :confused:

I type in dates of the bible and thats what I got.

Yikes. :frowning:

Well, I guess that shows the importance of knowing your sources, and double-checking things off line, as well, rather than just relying on Google.

This link is a Catholic source;;;;…

But is covers Biblical Chronology - and so perhaps it might help with your quest for knowledge.


The guy you quote in your signature has the same name as you!!

I dont think the dates are that far off, so I used them for my self,did I do some thing wrong

Is this passage in your bible?

Romans 14

5One man considers one day more sacred than another; another man considers every day alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. 6He who regards one day as special, does so to the Lord. He who eats meat, eats to the Lord, for he gives thanks to God; and he who abstains, does so to the Lord and gives thanks to God. 7For none of us lives to himself alone and none of us dies to himself alone. 8If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

9For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living. **10You, then, why do you judge your brother? Or why do you look down on your brother? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat. **


How on earth does this relate to the subject of the dating of Bible manuscripts? :shrug:

He is just Catholic Baiting.

Adventists believe that those that don’t honor the Sabath will go to Hell.

I just wondered how they can hold such a belief given this scripture passage.

=Protestant101;4989317]I have a number of questions I would like to ask Catholics about the Bible.

The first one is what sources do you use to determine the dates that each chapter of the Bible was written? Where could I view your source? Is it an official, Catholic source?

Friend, I assume that by"chapter" your mean “book?”

Many bibles in the preface into’s provide some information in this regard. Also many bible include information about the author (s) in the intro to the specific Book your looking at.

There is a fair amount of agreement on the dates of the New Testamant, and still a lot of guessing on some of the older Old Testament books.

One can also GOOGLE Search and get much of the information.

Love and peace.

Thanks! Is this a Catholic source? I will find it interesting to read anyways. :slight_smile:

I will address anything you post that is related to the OP here.

Thanks! Your post is the best one so far! This is the kind of thing I am looking for. I have book-marked the link you gave and will take a couple of days to look it over, and I WILL BE BACK! LOL…:thumbsup: (THAT LAST PHRASE IS DIRECTED AT “CHESTERTONRULES” and anyone else who thinks I am “Catholic Baiting!”)

One thing I have always been interested in is HOW to study something…I do enjoy discussing this kind of topic; but more on that later, and thanks to those who are trying to have a good discussion here. My questions about Bible chronology are just a part of a bigger picture, when we look at the central theme of the whole Bible. I am looking forward to this discussion, and hearing how Catholics see the Bible…

I will be most interested in learning the sources of your thinking, rather than on whos right or worng about something. There are other threads where you can do some serious debate with me if you would like! :thumbsup:

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