Questions about the Canadian transgendered beauty queen

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These two question are both somewhat rhetorical:

  1. I think most of us can agree that it is easier for a woman to look masculine than for a man to look feminine (e.g. compare Chaz Bono to Alexis Arquette.) So if you take away the sex change operation performed on Miss Jenna Talackova who out of courtesy I will refer to in the feminine form wouldn’t any natural-born female beauty contesant be heavily criticized for having as much plastic surgery as Miss Talackova has obviously had? According to this article: she has had breast implants and her adam’s apple removed. I seriously doubt this is the only cosmetic procedures she’s had done. I’ll admit if she were a natural born female she would still be allowed to compete despite all the work done on oneself but I do think they would be criticized.

  2. The spectacular Carlina Duran can’t represent her country as Miss Domincan Republic because of her marital status but Jenna can keep her title? :shrug:

ETA: I got the gorgeous girl’s name wrong.

Is that the best Canada has to offer?

Why aren’t the contestants allowed to be married?

You need to ask Donald Trump, he owns the contest. Ultimately, he sets the rules.

However, since the winner of the Dominican Republic contest was married three years ago, it seems she was in violation of the rules well before she even entered the contest. I would think she realized this. If the rules of the contest were not provided to her, then she might have a legal case.

I dunno. A quickie Google search shows that plastic surgery is routine in the Miss Universe contest system, and not against contest rules. A 2001 article indicates that Miss Brazil had 19 surgical procedures to enhance her beauty.

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