Questions about the Crusades wnd Whether or not is Biblical?

My GF who is a SDA, told me 3 wks ago that the Crusades which occurred in the 11th Century was a biblical prophecy. I figured that she was talking about Revelation.s I told her I read Revelations and nothing seemed to have talked about the Crusades. I asked her, “Where do you say the Prophecy that the Crusades was going to happen in the Bible”? She told me that its in the Book Of Daniel? Does anybody know whether that’s true or not? Could I get some info

SDA are anti Catholic in the extreme. The Book of Daniel has an overview in my Catholic Bible and nothing is mentioned about the crusades. Sometimes the Bible can be like those ink blots in a psych exam…they will resemble what you want them to resemble. Rely on the Church and those teachings and you and I won’t go wrong. I am hoping you will not let a girl friend lead you from the true faith…just sayin’.

Trust me theirs nothing in her church or belief system that i find myself fond to. I just want to show prove to her that her church teachings is not accurate. Like you said our Church is the right one, and I have always had that firm belief.

Your best bet is to ask her to prove it. Tell her to show you the verses that map it out. When she can’t, she’ll know she’s wrong. If she tries to say some verses point to it then you’ll be able to form a rebuttal. Just saying the Book of David is pretty broad, she needs to be more exact.

Also, another not, what does SDA stand for, and why are you dating someone so staunchly opposed to your religion? (Not condemning, just curious. I dated a pagan for a while, worst relationship of my life :p)

2 Peter 1:20 “Knowing this first, that no matter of scriptural prophecy is of any priovate interpretation”

The entire SDA organization is founded on the unauthorized private interpretation of scripture - especially prophecy. They are taught to vehemently hate the Catholic Church as the "whote of Babylon and believe that the Pope is the antichrist. They are horribly mislead, but still, by their valid baptism, remain Christian. Yet, they share some beliefs with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and believe that Jesus is Saint Michael the Archangel.

Read about their foundress and “prophet” Ellen Gould White" She received a severe head trauma and was in a coma for three weeks. Following that, she was allegedly poisoned by exposurte to mercury. Only after that, did she begin to receive the “visions” that formulated SDA policy and practices. As you might expect, they prey upon the Catholic Church, with the self-appointed mission to lead them to Christ. A truly sad situation, in that they are actually accomplishing division in the Body of Christ, which is the devil’s delight.

The organization reminds me of the preacher played by Robert Mitchum, who had “LOVE” tattooed on one hand and “HATE” on the other. They love Christ while almost equally hating the Catholic Church.

I’d be willing to put money on them being Seventh Day Adventist. Whether the SDA’s would be happy with me gambling over their name is a different matter!

Disgusting is the word that first comes to mind… followed closely by pitiable. I will never understand how people who claim to be guided by Christ can be so filled with hate…

Though you didn’t ask, if you ever intend to marry this girl REALLY make sure you can come to some understanding or truce on religion. Religious views (or lack of) are major causes for divorce and it sounds like you two are coming from very different places on your religious experiences.

Why is she your GF if she is coming from a SDA church and you both have very opposite views of things. the Crusades occurred over 200 years, not just the 1100 century. You will her convince her and if she can’t point to where the crusades are predicted in the book of Daniel (because it isn’t there) then you need to move on and find someone that shares your faith.

First let me say, I converted from Seventh Day Adventist to Catholic for the love of my life, my wife Virginia. There is nothing in that church that makes me believe they really know about Bible prophecy. Their entire doctrine is based on writings other than the Bible, much as the Mormons do. The Crusades were simply an excuse for the Pope Urban II to get the Knights etc. to stop fighting each other and go somewhere else to fight. If not for that Europe may never have come out of The Dark Ages. That was in 1096.
As for the Adventists despising Catholics that is very true. When I was first introduced to that church they taught that the Pope is the Anti-Christ.

You mention that you converted to Catholicism thanks to your wife. I know from speaking to these ppl, I don’t know if this was the case with you when you were a SDA, that they believe full hartedly in what their thought, and even if you prove to them through the bible that their teachings is wrong, they give you a rebuttal of, “Well the Bible doesn’t contradict itself”. How did you manage to overcome the teachings of the SDA church, and get over the Fact that you were being thought that the Catholic church was evil?

While the SDA believe that there are true Christians in the Catholic Church, they actively seek to lead you out of the Church. Their beliefs are very easy to de-construct and except for the basic doctrines (Christ is Lord, etc) are all human opinion. They lure away Catholics who are tepid in their faith, or who do not know their faith. Those in the SDA who have the most burning love of Christ know that there is more to Christ than the SDA offers. They often come to see Christ in the Holy Eucharist and leave the SDA. That is a trade which we can live with, as God sees all.

You might want to get her to read this about the crusades in context. Thjey didn’t take place in a vacuum. There was a reason.

Is this something you believe or is this what they taught? The crusades was a defensive strike originally against Islamic aggression and was an effort to free the Holy Land so Christians pilgrims could go there and not be killed and harassed. Likewise help was requested by the Bryzantine empire which was increasing loosing ground to Islamic aggression. .To make such an inaccurate remark like this is irresponsible. There are a number of great books out there that explain the what and whys of the crusades. Yes, there were some bad thing that happen in the crusades that never should have happen but to claim that it was done to give warring knights something to do is totally false and needs to be answered

The SDA seems to focus on bad Catholic behavior, while ignoring Church teaching. This is quite understandable, actually. The SDA itself was founded on the ashes of a movement which had twice failed, Harold Camping-like, to predict the last day. They are horribly mislead.

There was nothing biblical about the fourth crusade.

None of the crusades were “Bibical”…they were historical occurences with religious overtones and thus controversial.

I should have stuck to the question being asked, Were the Crusades in Bible Prophesy?
No they are not.
As for being irresponsible , where the heck did you go to school son?
If you ever studied about the Crusades you would know better.
Retaking the Holy Land was its principle goal but it also was a good excuse to get the many warring knights to stop terrorizing the local populations. The Pope’s call for the Crusade was met with such glee that many set off on their own, not organized as the Pope wanted, and without enough supplies. This Crusade sometimes called the Peoples Crusade was a disaster. On their way to the Holy land they butchered Jews all the way through Europe. Before they even got to Jerusalem they themselves were wiped out. The second Crusade had better luck. The problem being the Crusaders killed nearly everyone in the city, not just Muslims. The Muslims have a long memory and we are still paying for that stupid bit of over enthusiasm today, as in the World Trade Center. We Crusade did manage to hold on the the Kingdom of Jerusalem for nearly 100 years.There were nine Crusades to the Holy Land and at the end of it all after 208 years the Christians had nothing to show for it. If you want to discuss this further I will be glad to between you and I. As long as we can keep from name calling and insulting comments.

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