Questions about the Dominicans

How contemplatives are the Dominicans? How often do they pray?How many offices of the LOTH do they observe? How is their formatiom programme?
And what makes them contemplatives?

I do wonder about how contemplative they may be if as they run parishes

Best thing is ring and ask them for a booklet on there way of life, this will tell you. Dominicans are a teaching Order that is what St. Dominic founded them for also.

I am a member of Dominican Laity. In our Directory, we are encourage to pray Christian Prayer, attend DAILY Mass, spend at least 15 minutes in meditation, and pray the Rosary daily. One of our motto is “contemplata aliis tradere”, meaning sharing the fruits of our meditation, contemplation and study. You cannot give what you do not have right? :slight_smile:

Dominicans aren’t contemplative they’re apostolic (that is, they engage in pastoral activities in the community). Contemplative communities are typically monastic whereas the Dominicans (like the franciscans and Augustinians) are mendicant (essentially “wandering” preachers) - in fact their abbreviation (“OP”) stands for "Order of Preachers. Not sure about their observance of the LOTH but any Dominican should be able to tell you.

I’m discerning a religious vocation with the Dominicans. My understanding was that all religious and clergy prayed the Divine Office, but not all emphasize doing it in a community (ie, diocesan priests, certain orders, etc.) Either way, all the Dominicans I know pray morning and evening prayer in their community unless there isn’t an opportunity to do so.

A large part of the charism of the Dominicans is to contemplate and then share the fruits of that contemplation. So they’re half contemplative, half active!

Their formation programme varies according to province. I advise you to get in touch with the vocations director of your province; he can answer your questions better than we can. Are you from Nigeria? Here is the link to the mailing address of their province:

Another thing you should do is read as much about St. Dominic as you can. If you love what he was about then you should look into a vocation. :slight_smile:

Tnks alot evryone!
Your decisions and posts were helpful
God bless!

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