Questions about the Green Scapular

I recently learned about the Green Scapular, and found it very inspiring. I have become very excited about giving Green Scapulars to my family and friends who I wish to bring closer to the faith and who are in need of the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I went to to learn more, and I sent them a letter explaining my needs, and my wishes to join the Society of the Green Scapular. After a week or two, I was surprised received a rather hefty envelope in the mail. When I opened it up not only did I find 15 Green Scapulars to give to my family and friends, but also included was a hand written letter to me, along with an audio disc, a small rosary, and a scapular of the Sacred and Immaculate Heart of Jesus and Mary.

I am extremely excited to give the Green Scapulars along with the pamphlets to my friends! Am I able to just give them to them as they are now? Or do I need to go in and have all 15 scapulars blessed by my priest first? Maybe they already have been blessed prior to shipment, as the instructions simply say to spread them to family and friends? I can’t find a clear answer to this. Maybe I’m just over thinking it. Does anyone else have any thoughts or similar experiences with the Green Scapular?

I brought mine to my Priest to have blessed, first. I then gave some away and tucked a few around the house and the office.
God Bless!

Way to evangelize!

I received 14 green scapulars from them as well. Unless you gave them money, then you don’t have to have the scapulars blessed, because they are blessed before they shipped them to you.
The ones I received I did not have blessed again but used them as they were.

However I have since bought a number of them from that group and paid money for them so I then had to have them blessed by the priest.

There are wonderful gifts from Mary and primarily were given to us to help people with their faith. Here is some information.

Ten years after the manifestation of the Miraculous Medal to Sister Catherine Laboure in 1830, the Blessed Mother entrusted the Green Scapular of her Immaculate Heart to
Sister Justine Bisqueyburu, likewise a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.

How to use it.
Wear or carry the green scapular for yourself.

To help another, place it in their vicinity (i.e. their room, wallet, purse, or all over; lamp, house,car, chair, bed).

Pray, at least daily: “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.”
This prayer should be said for oneself and separately for each person to whom it has been given (unless they pray it themselves, which they might not do)

Scapular(s) should be blessed.

Have the strongest possible trust in Mary’s promise.
Mary’s own words were:
“The GREATEST graces come from using the scapular but these graces come
in direct proportion to the degree of CONFIDENCE IN ME which the user has.”

The user is you, not the one to whom you give it to.
Confidence means that you believe Mary will keep her promises. (How could she not do so?)
It just means you do your part and she will do hers.

Promises of Mary:
… Conversion of those who do not have the faith
… Reconciliation to the Church for those who have lost/strayed from the faith
… Assurance of a happy death
… Strengthening of the faith for those already in the Church
… Protection from Satan for those who wear or promote the scapular

Be faithful to the prayer every day.
She didn’t say when, just that she promised it would happen.

“Great graces are often attached to what seems trifling.” St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

My father, a fallen-away Catholic, passed away several years ago. When he first became ill and was hospitalized, one of the Vincentian priest pinned a Green Scapular to his pillow. I know my mother was especially worried about his salvation, as he had not awakened following emergency surgery. He did awaken many days later, and that same Vincentian asked if he wished to receive the sacraments. He was on a ventilator, so he could not speak, but he could indicate “yes” or “no”, so the priest simply asked if he was sorry for any and all sins he committed, then he was given Extreme Unction. This was 2 years to the day of my auto accident, August 3rd. He died 2 days later, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Snows on August 5th. There is a promise attached to the Green Scapular that Our Lady will obtain the conversion of those who have fallen away from the True Faith. I’m convinced she did so with my father, the day of his death was clearly Providential.

I got the scapulars blessed by my priest, and have began giving them away to family and friends :slight_smile: I think this is a truly great opportunity to spread the faith and to evangelize. I am glad that God gives us opportunities like this in order to help us all :slight_smile:

Mary always keeps her promises. It is a great consolation.

I love the green scapular too. I didn’t know about the society. Thanks for the tip.

The following is an explaination of how the Green Scapular works.

Exocism by an exocist is a sacramental not a sacrament.
The Green Scapular is a sacramental given by Mary as a gift to us.
Both sacramentals.

“However,” adds Fr. Amorth, an exorcist, “let us be clear on this: The Lord takes faith into account. Therefore, a simple prayer of a lay person, even though it is private, could be more efficacious than the prayer of anyone else.”

Father Amorth cites the example of Saint Catherine of Siena: When an exorcist could not liberate a demoniac, he would send the afflicted person to her. “Then the saint would pray and obtain liberation,” writes Amorth. “Her prayer was not an exorcism; she was neither an exorcist nor a priest. But she was a saint!”

As Father Amorth notes, it all comes down to faith: Christ Himself admonished His followers to cast out spirits, but He also pointed to a lack of faith as the reason they weren’t always able to succeed. It is faith that is our shield. It is our faith that unlocks the power of God – which readily overcomes all evil.

With the Green Scapular it also depends on faith of the one giving it. To rely with trust that Mary will keep her word and she will protect those that wear it and obtain graces for them.

**Although I have been a long wearing brown scauplar - 24/7 - the Green is my favorite. If you read about it - the promises of the Green Scapular do not depend on the person you igve it to - the promises are on you the giver. Yes they need not even know you have placed it in their home.

I offered my Dad a scapular as he was failing in heal - knowing that he did not fully accept his Catholic Faith. He kept it in his pocket. I prayed for five intentions for his death:

  1. That he would not die alone - his greatest fear…
  2. …Or even better that we siblings would be with him
  3. That he would be receive the Anointing of the Sick and Viaticum
  4. For him to die at the great hour of mercy…
  5. …on a great feast day of the Church

After feeling selfish I asked God to grant only one of these and I would know that my prayers with the Green Scapular had been heard.

My Dad died on Holy Saturday at 3:15 PM with all of us at his side after he had been Annointed and given Viaticum at 1:30!

Give those Green Scapulars away and begin to pray! **

That is an impressive story (but I’m not surprised).

I am especially happy for your dad. And I know how much that meant to you.

Mary is so kind and gentle. She is so wonderful to us, always thoughtful.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

Indeed a great story! Thank you for sharing. God bless :slight_smile:

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