Questions about the Legion of Mary...

Just a few questions:

1- How do you become an auxiliary member?
2- Do the auxiliary members have to participate in meetings?
3- What exactly are the duties of an auxiliary member?

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Hi Roseproject,

perhaps I can answer your questions!

  1. All that is needed to become an auxiliary member is to agree to say the prayers of the Legion (you will be given a tessera, or prayer card, with the prayers on it) every day. Basically that’s a prayer to the Holy Spirit, 5 decades of the Rosary, then the Catena, which is Mary’s Magnificat, then finally the closing prayers. They can be spaced out throughout the day as and when it’s convenient for you.
  2. Auxiliary members do not attend meetings, as their prayers are their work for the Legion. Auxiliaries are greatly valued for the prayers they say on behalf of active members.
  3. the duties are basically as above, to say the Legion prayers daily.

Bless you for considering auxiliary membership!

So, you just commit yourself to saying the prayers and that makes you a member?
How about vows? Or is that just for those higher than auxiliary?

Just commit yourself to saying the prayers.
Active members have a probationary period of 12 weeks after which they take the “Promise”, a prayer addressed to the Holy Spirit, and of course you’re free to take the same promise if you wish, but there is no formal ceremony.

What usually happens is that having volunteered to become an auxiliary, a couple of Legionaries will meet with you to explain a bit about the Legion, give you your Tessera and the latest copy of the magazine Maria Legionis (always a good read), and then after about 12 weeks meet you again to just see how you are getting on, whether you have any questions etc. They will get in touch from time to time at your convenience.

Active membership is not a “higher” grade, both are equally important.

If you have any more questions, I’ll be very happy to try and answer

God bless you!

So wait, do I have to get in touch with a local parish or email someone? How would they know how to contact me?

Get in touch with your local parish and ask to be put in touch with the Legion of Mary president there. If your parish doesn’t have a Legion, you could email The Legion headquarters in Ireland and ask them to put you in touch with the nearest praesidium (that’s what local branches are called).

the website is at

On the website there is lots of information, and a downloadable copy of the handbook, as well as the Legion prayers in hundreds of languages. Ther is a link to email them with any queries.

Each praesidium is responsible for the care and formation of the auxiliaries within their parish boundaries.

I should add that you could, of course just privately say the prayers of the Legion (they’re available on the website) without ever getting in touch with anyone, but it would be nice for your local praesidium to know you are there!

So, your saying I’d still be considered a member even if no one from the legion knows it. In other words, I wouldn’t nesessarily have to be formaly ‘labled’ as a member by a legionary to be one?

Well, if no one knew you were saying the prayers no one could count you as an official member, it would just be between you and God.

However I would recommend making yourself known to the Legion as they can support you as and when you need it. If you become enrolled they can invite you to special events during the year such as pilgrimages, and most praesidia organise a special event for their auxiliaries. there is also the annual general reunion, held round about the feast of Our Lady’s nativity in December, a great way of meeting Legionaries from a wider district. You would also be offered copies of the magazine which comes out 4 times a year, and which is a very inspiring look at the Legion around the world.

I do hope you get in touch with your local praesidium and offer your services as an auxiliary, you and the Legion receives so many graces fom your prayers.

God bless you

Ok, just trying see the options I have.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t want to sound like a slacker but, is the legion of Mary something you can quit if it becomes inconvenient or is it a ‘once a member always a member’ deal? You see, I was watching EWTN the other night and saw someone from the legion speaking with Mother Angelica. As I was watching and had curiosities about the legion, the questions I had in my head got answered soon after I thought them up. Questions about teenagers joining the legion. So I thought, ‘hey, maybe it’s a coincidence…or perhaps God’s trying to give me a hint of some sort.’ To be honest, this had been on my mind for days now and I’m just trying to decifer whether this is something I’m ment to do. Nothing gives me the sure peace like trusting in God and knowing I’m doing His will. Untill I watched that show, I was 100 percent confident I was doing everything to the best of my ability to please God and do His will. Now I’m questioning whether He wants more from me…thus, questioning whether or not joining the legion will give me peace :confused:

You are free to quit at any time with no one judging you for it. People leave for all sorts of reasons, usually because of pressure on time as they marry, start families or work becomes more pressing.

However the duties of an auxiliary are not onerous, the prayers would take up less than half an hour of a day including time to say the Rosary, and you can divide them up to suit yourself.

I do hope you decide to join, it is an excellent way of deepening your faith.

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