Questions about the natue of God and suffering


Is saying that all three persons of the Holy Trinity are the same person wearing different clothes an accurate description?

If I am correct, Jesus often praised and pryed to God the Father. Jesus and The Father are one, so is Jesus worshipping himself? Would this be vain?

Suffering is meant to bring us closer to God, right?

All suffering is ordained by God, right (“take up your cross” and such)?


No, he wasn’t worshipping himself. Jesus is God, but also a man, since He assumed human nature. And even though He is God, is is God the Son, not God the Father.

The Trinity:
The Father—Is God, but not the Son or Holy Spirit
The Son----Is God, but not the Father or Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit—is God, but not the Father or the Son

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No. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three persons in one divine nature.

Suffering is the consequence of Original Sin-- the loss of Sanctifying Grace in our souls.

Suffering is the result of sin, but God brings good out of everything. Therefore, suffering can have redemptive value, although it is not “ordained” by God.


no it is not an accurate description. the Holy Trinity is the relationship of three Persons sharing one divine Nature. They are not the same person. The Father glorifies the Son, the Son glorifies the Father. That glorification is the total self-emptying of complete perfect love, and complete reception of the fullness of that perfect love. The love is so perfect and complete and eternal that it is itself a Person. It is not “selfish” for the Son to glorify the Father as the love is completely perfectly unselfish.

No suffering is not ordained by God. God wills no one to suffer. He wills perfect happiness for each of his creatures. Because of the sinful nature of his creatures, suffering has entered into the world. God has redeemed suffering and made it a vehicle for perfection and spiritual union of creatures with Himself through the suffering of Christ. Insofar as we take up our own crosses and unite the suffering that is part of life in this imperfect world with that of Christ, it becomes the means of our sharing in His sanctification.


Thank you for how you answered those questions!

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