Questions about the Papacy

Are any of those Biblical? Prove it. Thx. :dancing:

Why do they have to be biblical?


Prove what?

Tell you what, you show us where in the Bible it says:

Everything Jesus said, did, or taught is in the Bible.

The Bible is the sole authority of a Christian.

The Bible tells us what books are in the Bible.

The Bible was the start of the Christian Church.

Jesus commissioned His followers to write the Bible.

Any of those Biblical? :popcorn:

Papacy is the Pope. The Pope is the Bishop of Rome.

Bishop of Rome is his official title. Pope, derives from Pappa, or Father.

The Bishop of Rome is the Successor of Peter. It is called Apostolic Succession. Just like a successor for Judas was chosen, so is the Bishop of Rome.

There are many threads regarding this, and I’m sure you can find the answers you’re looking for by doing a search.

Kissing the Pope’s feet was merely an ancient custom. Nothing more, nothing less. It was never required, and is not required today.

Why is this in the non Catholic religions forum?


Find the word Bible mentioned in the Bible. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, it would be much more shall we say ‘forthright’, OP, if you were to come on to this thread and say something like,

"I’m Bible only and this practice of a POPE in the Catholic Church (and Orthodox- people always forget the Orthodox and they are as much the original Church as we Catholic Christians are) is something that I personally don’t see in the Bible, so I would like to know where the idea came from."

Then we could tell you, and we’d ask you in return where YOUR idea of ‘Bible alone’ Christianity came from, because not only was there no Bible as we know it for the first 350 years of Christendom, the Bible itself never claims to be the authority for a Christian. In fact, the Bible lists the CHURCH as the authority instituted by Jesus Himself, and it is a true, visible Church --accepted as such for the first 1500 years of Christendom until some men came up with a ‘different gospel’.

Its on the front cover and the title page. :smiley:



Don’t start, then he’ll say that it tells what books are in it in the Index.


When’s the last time anybody saw somebody kissing the pope’s feet?

Where does it say in the Bible that you can drive a car? Brush your teeth? Drink coffee?

We don’t kiss the Pope’s feet, so there is nothing to prove. :smiley:

Don’t make me pull the forum over!!! LOL:p


Or use a computer and the internet…unplug it now!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Where does the Bible say you can unplug it?


Ok, that’s it!!! I’m pulling over!:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I’m totally willing to chat, OP.

As others have mentioned, ‘kissing of the feet’ is an old tradition. But there are many mentions in Scripture of how people demonstrated respect to others. Like washing the feet of others. . .

The word ‘minister’ or ‘pastor’ isn’t in the Bible, but the concept is. . .the apostles who went forth to lay hands on others who then went forth to preach, the Greek ‘presbyters’ --that is the same root form from which we get ‘priest’.

And of course, Simonn Peter was the leader of the Apostles. He is mentioned as leader. Christ gives him the keys and He asks PETER to feed His sheep. Christ isn’t just making idle chit-chat here. Reading through the Old Testament, that forerunner of the New, shows us the many parallels and foretellings existed in those books which were fulfilled in the New.

Looking forward to hearing more of what you’d like to know. . .

All kidding aside, I know you are new here, but this kind of question, on a Catholic forum, honestly doesn’t lead to insightful dialogue. If you want to have a discussion about the role of the papacy in the historic Church, we can do that. I do all the time as a Lutheran. And i think you’ll find a charitable thoughtful dialogue will and can result.


Speechless…absolutely speechless…

Baptismal certificate and registration, please.


I knew of a few fundamentalist preachers who have come very close to asking people to kiss…oh wait…that wasn’t his feet he wanted kissed…

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