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I am part of the confraternity of the Rosary and just had some questions. Can the different decades of the rosary only be prayed on certain days? For example, it says to pray the sorrowful mysteries on tuesday and friday, does that mean I can’t pray them on a different day? This week I prayed the glorious, joyful and luminous but I missed the sorrowful, should I pray them today even though it is sunday or what?


The only obligations of the Rosary Confraternity are these:

As long as you have said fifteen mysteries of the Rosary, you have fulfilled your obligation. You can pray them in any day you like; the prescribed days of praying each Mystery are only recommendations.

[quote=]As Pope Leo XIII said in his encyclical on the Confraternity, “whenever a person fulfills his obligation of reciting the Rosary according to the rule of the Confraternity, he includes in his intentions all its members, and they in turn render him the same service many times over.”


Well I said 15 decades but 5 of those decades were of the luminous mysteries, now that says:

“Those who recite only the fifteen traditional mysteries will continue to share in the benefits of the Confraternity until some official source declares the contrary.”

Does that mean it doesn’t count that I said 2 of the traditional ones and the luminous?


Uhm, as far as I know (and I searched the internet a bit), the Luminous Mysteries are still optional. The Fifteen Traditional Mysteries should always be included. So you still have to pray the Sorrowful Mysteries.

But do not worry, not fulfilling your obligation is not a sin, not even a venial one.


The Rosary is a private devotional prayer. It is not binding that any Catholic prays the rosary at all.( it is not a public prayer of the Church as is the Mass or the Liturgy of the Hours) However that being said, the Church highly recommends this private devotion as is noted in many papal documents. The guidelines on this prayer is just that, a guideline. You can pray it in any way that suits your piety and brings you closer to Jesus and His Mother Mary.

The rosary is a very powerful prayer and however you pray this meditative prayer, by all means, pray it…teachccd :slight_smile:


Well, that is a load off my mind. I feel like if I don’t pray it that I am doing something wrong. I don’t know why I feel this way. I just feel like if I don’t pray it, I am putting other things before God because I am not spending the time to pray the Rosary. There are still many things I need to learn.


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