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Hello everyone. I just signed up, forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

This may be a silly question, but I’m really confused. If anyone can enlighten me I’d appreciate it. I was gifted a scapular medal last night, bought from the bookstore connected to Our Lady of Fatima Shrine, and has already been blessed. I was reading up how it’s supposed to be worn as I did not want to just put it on and go on with my life. It said it has to be wool or Mary cannot be pleased.

Do I not wear the one gifted to me then?

Do I look for a wool one and not wear this one until I’ve been enrolled?

Do I need to be enrolled? And what is it exactly?

I’ve been reading a lot about this from various sources and there are many different answers, so I am further confused.


I presume you are talking about the Brown Scapular.

The scapular does NOT have to be wool any more. I bet you were reading that Sisters of Carmel website again :rage:
They are a schismatic group and they confuse everybody with their wrong information about the scapular. We probably have to explain to someone every 2 weeks that the scapular doesn’t need to be wool, etc.

Mary is pleased with devotion to her and she is not going to get annoyed over the material of a scapular especially when the order itself permits other fabrics to be used or even the medal “for good reason” (although the cloth kind is preferred).

Please read this site instead as it is the official and current scapular catechesis from the Carmelite Order.

I would suggest that you not read any other sites in order to avoid getting wrong or confusing information.

You may certainly wear the medal gifted to you.

It would be good to get enrolled properly in the Brown Scapular at some point, but in the meantime you can still receive spiritual graces by wearing the blessed medal. See the link I just posted to you for all the details.
Enrollment is a ritual conducted by a priest that officially enrolls you in the Scapular Confraternity. If you decide to enroll you will be sharing in the Carmelite spirituality and will be expected to practice some of its principles (see the link that I posted to you for more explanation of this).

I hope this helps.


My Scapular that I’ve worn for years has been covered in thick plastic and on a metal chain. I tried the cloth ones and the none metal chain ones but I was constantly breaking them. Now that I have these they last a LOT longer and I wear them 24-7/365.


Apologies for adding to the repeated question. Thank you for that link. Reading has helped clarify much. I do have to ask though, as I may have misread, or simply overlooked: after being enrolled, what would be required of me, that is different than what is already required while not being enrolled (Weekly Mass, receiving Holy Communion, prayer, meditation, etc)


Please refer to this section specifically:

What is this Carmelite spirituality that one must practice in order to have an affiliation with the Carmelite Order?

The spirituality of the Carmelite Order is one of the preeminent spiritual traditions of the Catholic Church. It is difficult to reduce this spirituality to a few sentences. One who wears the scapular should certainly reflect upon the teachings of the great Carmelite saints, three of whom are doctors of the Church.

A few basic introductory principles of Carmelite spirituality would be

  1. frequent participation in the Mass and reception of Holy Communion;
  2. frequent reading of and meditation on the Word of God in Sacred Scripture;
  3. the regular praying of at least part of the Liturgy of the Hours;
  4. imitation of and devotion to Mary, the woman of faith who hears the Word of God and puts it into practice;
  5. the practice of the virtues, notably charity, chastity (according to one’s state of life), and obedience to the will of God.

If you are already doing all or most of those things, then you can just continue with it.
If not, add a couple of the principles to your regular activities.
I do all of the things except Liturgy of the Hours, because right now I say a number of other prayers a day and try to go to Daily Mass, and I am not up for adding LOTH to my schedule at this point - maybe later on.
You could likely say a daily Rosary instead.


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