Questions about the TLM indult

I have been interested in the Traditional Latin Mass for a long time now. However, I am unclear on few things:

  1. Are Catholics who attend the indult bound by the old canon law or the current one? Example: fasting 1 hours before Mass, 3 hours, or the night before? No meat on Fridays, or can we substitute another type of sacrifice? Other days of fasting (ember days?). Holy Days of Obligation the same (with obligation to go to Mass)?

  2. How do subdeacons fit in since they were abolished at VII? Are they still an order (minor?).

  3. Why does the subdeacon hold the paten with the veil during a Solemn Mass?

  4. What about the Chrism Mass? Do TLM priests (eg. FSSP) have to celebrate with the local Ordinary? If not, where do they get the Chrism? If so, are they bi-ritual de facto?

Thanks to those who are smarter than I am.:slight_smile:

Oh yeah, one last thing:

If the Motu Propio goes through and any priest can celebrate a TLM, a diocesan priest will not be able to do a Solemn Mass because you need a subdeacon, and if you’re in a diocesan parish, you do have those. Therefore, would the priest be limited to a low Mass or Missa cantata?

  1. 1983 Code. Nothing prevents following the prescriptions of earlier times, however.

  2. Subdeacons exist. An ancient order, any group with Indult to use the 1962 books can ordain subdeacons (and they do). Paul’s 1972 abolition has zero impact on Tridentine communities.

  3. Chrism Mass exists in the 1962 Missal (Bishop Rifan uses it); NO priest can be forced to concelebrate any Mass, so FSSP and other priests either concelebrate the Novus Ordo Chrism Mass or not. They are not (contrary to some rumors) obliged to concelebrate, any more than any priest is. Encouraged, sure. Obliged, no.

On the subject of having deacons and subdeacons for a solemn high mass, I have both attended and seen videos of such masses where priests took the part of the deacon and subdeacon. So that is always an option too.

Thanks all!

No. We are still bound by the current canon law for these, however the “Traditional Practice” is mentioned and is said to be “Highly Commendable”. Yet you will find many who still keep the “fast from midnight” every Sunday and also the “No meat on Friday” and also the traditional ember days and attending Mass on days currently not obligatory (Candlemas, Jan 1 if on a Monday).

In the Traditional Rite the order still exists.

He holds the paten in the humeral veil as the Cherubim hides his eyes with his wings in the presence of God.

The local Bishop comes to our chapel and does everything according to the Traditional Roman Rite in something like this.


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