Questions about True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin


I’m currently reading St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin. I love the work and think it is really fostering a true and greater devotion to Mary (and consequently Jesus :slight_smile: ). However, there are a couple of passages that, while I don’t question their veracity, I’m having trouble understanding. Any insights would be much appreciated.

God the Son imparted to his mother all that he gained by his life
and death, namely, his infinite merits and his eminent virtues. He made her the treasurer of all his Father had given him as heritage."

"Jesus, in choosing her as his inseperable associate in life, death, and glory and power in heaven and on earth, has given her by grace in his kingdom all the same rights and privaleges that he possesses by nature. ‘All that belongs to God by nature belongs to Mary by grace,’ say the saints, and, according to them, just as Jesus and Mary have the same will and the same power, they have also the same subjects, servants, and slaves."

I’m wondering what it is exactly that Montfort is asking here. Is he stating that Jesus and Mary are equal i.e. that they possess the same amount of grace?

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