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My husband and I are in the process of amending our wills. I converted to Catholicism this past Easter and my husband is still agnostic. Our children were baptized and I am raising them Catholic with his full support. The guardians listed in our will are family members, one of whom is a practicing Catholic though her husband (my husband’s brother) is agnostic as well.

What should I specifically include in my will that will dictate my wishes for my children to be raised as Catholics, attend SOR and CCD, etc. until they are of legal age. If my husband survives me and becomes the only parent of our children, I know he would want to respect our choice to raise the children Catholic but it would obviously be more difficult for him as he is not religious. If both of us were to pass before our children reach adulthood and they needed to be placed with our named guardians I believe there should also be some sort of specific mention of my desire for the children to be active, practicing Catholics during their childhood.

Has anyone made these sorts of specifications in a will or other legal document concerning their children? I am looking for a bit of guidance on what should be included and how it is typically done. We do have an attorney who is working with us but I haven’t mentioned this in particular to him yet as I am not sure exactly what I want to have included.

Any advice is very welcome.


This is a question that should be answered by your attorney, and no one else. He should be the one to tell you what to include and how to word things.

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