Questions about working in the financial advisory business

Do you think that it is sinful to give financial/insurance advice to someone who has had multiple divorces or is committing adultery or is a homosexual? I work in finances, so do you think I can give financial advice or get insurance policies for people who are doing these things? I think that everyone should get insurance if they want it, no matter if they are divorced 100 times or if they are gay, I don’t think I would be participating directly in their sins by giving them good financial advice. But what do others think?

Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on the intent and circumstances/context.

How about folks using artificial birth control? OK to deal with them?

Would you expect a gay emergency room doctor to treat you? Would you accept the treatment if you knew he was gay?

Would you buy a house from a divorced woman?

Being gay is not a sin. Having gay sex is because it is , by definition, outside of matrimony. Likewise, divorce is not a sin, but remarriage of a divorced person is,

To answer the questions you are asking however, Is it wrong to have business dealings with people who perform certain sins which you (might) find particularly loathsome? I would say no. The generality is to hate the sin and love the sinner.

I would think that God detests all grievous sins, yet all are forgivable for those asking in repentance with a contrite heart. One of the things Christ was derided for by the Pharisees was his dealings with sinners and tax collectors ( a particularly loathsome sin).

When I signed up for my 401k, I did not require my broker to approve of my lifestyle.

Based on my reading about Catholic moral teaching in connection with the practice of law (I’m a lawyer), I think that what you’re talking about would normally be sinful only if you are enabling your clients to commit sins. It doesn’t sound like the advice you’re providing is of that type, so I think you’re OK. (Just an amateur’s opinion, of course!)


I worked in personal lines insurance for a little while, before working in commercial. I had one couple that was gay, and I wrote auto policies for them, separately, as gay people at that time couldn’t be named together on one policy, as a legally married couple. I am not sure if that is different now…but I also wrote them a life insurance policy. I think that it’s morally neutral, gay people and people who are living together, etc…have a right to spend their money as they choose to. Now selling condoms or working at Planned Parenthood, no,that compromises our values and faith. But, selling insurance to gay people or people who are commiting adultery…they are spending their money on something morally neutral. Same think I feel for giving people financial advice…it’s morally neutral. Now, if they are asking you to manage their money, let’s say you’re their accountant, and you know for a fact that part of their money is going to Planned Parenthood, let’s say…then, that would not be neutral. The argument could be given that you are indirectly helping them to sin. But selling insurance or giving general financial advice to people who are living immoral lifestyles, is morally neutral. Unless someone tells you…I’m gay, or I’m having an affair, how would you know what their lifestyle is about? :confused:

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