Questions/Advice about Abortion, Pre-Marital Pregnancy and the Catholic Church


Do you think there will not be a greater “shame” involved if or when an abortion comes to light?

You will be surprise with the Sino-thinking line, which can be expressed simply as: 家醜不可外傳. It was so bad that such concept is placed in consideration in the Legislative assembly of Hong Kong during discussion of social issues:家醜不可外傳.html (scroll down to external source)


PLEASE let her know that the Catholic Church has places and people to help her with keeping her baby or giving the baby up for adoption. She must NOT feel ashamed because the Baby already IS. The child is in her womb. It’s done. Now she has to save this baby.


I’m pleased to announce the decision has been made to keep the baby.

Whether that means we raise the child together or put it up for adoption is still up for discussion and decision.

Thank you, for all of your thoughtful answers they were definitely influential in this decision.


I’m glad to hear it!
God bless, keep on trucking


Praised be to God! You made the right decision, absolutely! You are a good man.


I’m really pleased to hear that. I would look into ways to help her in case her parents don’t react well, it’s best to be prepared.

I know I’d rather hear my daughter was pregnant than learning she had an abortion but I’m coming from a Western mindset.


Congratulations! You are making the right decision! I am so glad to hear this news!! I’ll keep you in my prayers.


May God bless both of you.

May God give both of you the strength, wisdom, and fortitude in the days ahead to go through this patch of your life. May both of you experience His love, mercy and forgiveness and bring about healing into your life. Amen.


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