Questions.... again!

So if you remember, i was thinking whether i should go to confession or not. Well, when i stepped into the church, i suddenly well… know that i don’t really really need to go. I can’t remember what exactly happened but going to confession at that point makes me feel i don’t need to go mainly because i was worrying over something that i forgot to confess last time. I felt a lot more relieved and i think maybe God wants me to know if i don’t really have a mortal sin, it is not really necessary to go, although that’s better. Since i have been worrying over it for a few days and maybe i was pushing myself too hard. But then i was a little troubled again and i wanted to leave the place where we go to mass right after since i don’t want to struggle over it anymore. It isn’t exactly a question but i still don’t know what i was doing at that time. I have had some quite serious paranoia problems in the past, and i have always been a bit paranoid, so i don’t know if it’s just my paranoia acting up.

The other thing is, i have been saying the rosary (one decade at a time) but i am easily distracted. I don’t know why and i know i should be concentrating but somehow one part of me is trying to concentrate or at least know i should concentrate. But that part of me is always a bit too slow to stop myself from thinking something else. And i was wondering if this counts as a mortal sin or not even though i don’t think so.

Help appreciated, thanks!

Not only does it not count as a mortal sin, it doesn’t count as a sin at all. You can’t sin involuntarily.


My mind sometimes wanders when I’m praying the rosary, but that’s OK. I do come back to the mystery. But it does mean that sometimes time spent is long.

May I suggest that you do as I have done on days I am tired or anxious about this thing or that, which is to pray before beginning rosary prayer, for help in focusing and being able to make the time spent worthwhile for you and to the Lord and to our Blessed Virgin Mary for the praise and worship which the rosary prayers are.

May God bless you,

Hope, don’t worry so much! :slight_smile:

The very fact that you’re trying to pray indicates that God’s grace is working in you. Let it do it’s job. Just keep trying. I say my Rosary every day on the way to work. I get distracted sometimes because I’m driving. But I think Mary knew we would have these problems. That’s why we have the beads to count our prayers on! Otherwise, she could’ve just said, “Say one Our Father, ten Hail Mary’s, and a Glory Be, five times for each Mystery.” Most folks wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Do you know how much God loves you?! You are unique, precious, and totally unrepeatable. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone exactly like you! He had you in his Divine mind’s eye for all eternity. He needed a person JUST LIKE YOU to live on earth NOW, to help Him fulfill His plan for building His Kingdom. :slight_smile:

Ah… i am so relieved now. Thanks guys:) You know, this site has really helped me alot, and i am so happy to see that there are so many people to give help. Thanks!

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