Questions Concerning Promises Made

Hello, I’ve been struggling with this for a while now and I just wanted to ask for some help. So here’s my question, can I disregard having to keep a promise to God if I made that promise out of fear? I also felt like I made those promises in order to bribe God to do something for me, which in a Bible verse that I read is advised against. Couldn’t I do what Proverbs 6:1-5 said when one has become surety for your neighbor, to humble myself and importune my neighbor which in this case is God? In both cases God has answered my prayers, but wouldn’t have He answered them regardless of whether or not I made those promises to Him in the first place? Thanks.

One should not make a promise unless they intend to keep it. If you “promised God” and it was something like “I promise I’ll do this” and the entire thing took place in a split second, I think you can relax. However, if you are someone of a lax or normal conscience, my advice would be to talk to a priest or bring it up in Confession. Hope this helps. God Bless!!

You need counsel from your priest. Go talk to your priest. You should not be making promises to God of this type and it seems there is something deeper going on with your spirituality.

Please consult a priest.

I’ve made solemn promises as a Lay Carmelite and it is my understanding that a promise is not as binding as a vow and breaking a promise does not incur the pain of sin.

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