Questions, concerns and worries


So I’m considerly very seriously about joining a Catholic religious order. Such as the Jesuits, Francisans, etc. I’m only baptized and have not received Communion, or been to confession. However that will all change start Tuesday. I am meeting my parish priest about attending Mass, and starting the process of being in Commuion with the Church. However I am worried about some obstacles in joining a religious order.

I’m currently in college and I am in my second year. However I don’t think it’s what I want to do anymore (journalism). I truly want to dedicate my whole life to God. However I am a bit worried that my debt will disqualify me from even being considered to join an order. Also, I didn’t take many university level courses in high school to qualify to enter a university. So I don’t know if joining a seminary is out of the question. Unless you don’t have to join a seminary to become a religious. I’m just extremely worried that my dream of serving God is all but impossible now.

Also if it makes it any easier I’m Canadian and live in Ontario…


You do not have to attend seminary to become a religious. Keep your appointment and make arrangements to receive the rest of your sacraments. If you are discerning a call to religious life, then you will need a spiritual advisor, ask the priest to recommend someone. Let us know how things are going!


A long road ahead of you so take it slowly and enjoy the travelling.

You will have a wait after full entry into the church and these are years that can bear rich fruit.

The journey is rich and lovely!


Welcome into the Church!

Pretty much all religious orders require that people be Catholic for at least two years before they can be admitted, so you have a lot of time. You might want to spend some of it deepening your prayer life and reading about the different congregations and orders. You might also want to meet with your parish priest and/or diocesan vocation director.

Each order has its own spirit or charism. For example, you mention the Franciscans and Jesuits–who are about as different as they can be! Part of discernment is figuring out which charism might be the best “fit” for you, and that takes time…

Blessings as you continue your journey.


I’m meeting with my parish priest this Tuesday! Which is great and can’t wait. We will be discussing RCIA, vocations and what not.

So basically you don’t have to join a seminary to join an order? I was under the impression that you had too. But if not, that’s fine. I just want to serve God in any way I can. Would it be wise of me to leave my current college program before second semester starts? So as to not accumulate more debt. However if debt isn’t a huge hurdle to joining an order, should I stil leave the program? I don’t think it’s my calling. My calling is dedicating my time, energy, everything, to God

I just don’t want small things ruining this vocation for me.


If you’re worried about debt, maybe you can start a gofundme page :smiley:

Or find a less expensive college.

I don’t think you can make any of these decisions before you talk to a priest and a vocation director.

If you’re not even fully integrated into the Church, you may need to wait a while before you can apply to any orders.


That may be a good idea. Lol but I will see what my priest says. Will also try and get into contact with the vocations director. I’m baptized, but if I dedicate a lot of my time and energy to get fully integrated I don’t see it taking over a year. But who knows.

It’ll be awesome to finally dedicate my life to God. Even if it takes time, it’ll be worth the wait.


Most dioceses and religious orders would not admit or accept someone until they have been a practicing Catholic for at least two years. Some wait longer than that.

You don’t “join a seminary.” You are sent to a seminary once you are accepted by either a religious community or a diocese. The place you go, etc., is not up to you. That is part of the whole process of obedience. It’s not like applying to college or whatever.

Since you have several years ahead of you, there is plenty of time for you to learn all of this, IF you continue to be interested. One reason for the 2+ year wait is that it is not unusual for a convert to go through a honeymoon period. If you still feel this way after the passage of time, your vocation may be ready to be tested in a real way.


Thank you for that! I agree 100% with everything you said. And appreciate the advice and knowledge. It’ll be an amazing journey for me. There’ll be ups and downs but that’s all apart of the journey.


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