Questions for 7th Day Adventists

I have an aquaintance who has fallen into the habit of asking me to run errands for her or perform favors for her on Fridays so she can observe the Sabbath and vespers. I have some questions about this:

Why is it acceptable for me to perform these requests, doesn’t that kind of defeat the Sabbath being the Sabbath if you ask someone from another faith tradition to do this work for you?

What IS work that a 7th Day Adventist would not draw the line at on the Sabbath?

Do 7th Day Adventists celebrate Halloween? Would allowing a 7th Day Adventist child to, for instance, dress up for Halloween and hand out candy fall under ordinary Sabbath Day requirements? How would just staying home because it is Friday but still participating in Halloween count as worship to begin with, this seems to indicate that just staying at home on Friday evening constitues keeping the Sabbath Day holy.

Can 7th Day Adventists drink coffee?

I’m just looking for plain and simple answers, not a debate.

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Thank you for the help!

If you read the text of the commandment concerning the Sabbath you will find that to have any one you are associated with to do anything not related to honoring God on the Sabbath is a violation of the Sabbath.

Technically it is not acceptable, however your belief system may not recognize the validity of the Sabbath, however, she is obligated by her acceptance of what the SDA’s call “Sabbath Truth” to honor that and to extend that to everyone, including those who do not accept that truth. Fact is she should be encouraging you to follow the Sabbath.

I can only speak for myself as, even in the SDA movement there are different views, to what I should and should not do on Sabbath. First and foremost the Sabbath should be kept as a Holy Day to God, a rememberence that he created all things, that he gave his Son for us and a look forward to the time when we will be with him in the New Jerusalem.
Secondly, we need to remember the things that Jesus did on the Sabbath, as he is Lord of the Sabbath. Doing good works on the Sabbath is always a good thing to do, visiting the sick, those in prison, holding bible studies, extended worship, communing with God in nature. Extending a meal to the needy. Whatever you can find that is good and honors God that you should do.
Thirdly, there are occupations in which it is necessary to occasionally work on the Sabbath, but this should not be made a habit. Accepting a rotating schedule can aliveate this problem. Many Adventist who find themselves in this position do not accept remuneration for working these day but add this amount to their tithes and offerings, making their work on the Sabbath a willing sacrifice to the Lord.

I would hope not, but then again, that is a personal thing that only an individual must decide. However, when making that decision we must consider the origins of this day and what message we are sending to those around us. Honestly, celebrating a day that honors Satan and not God is not something I feel comfortable participating in.

A 7th Day Adventist can, and some often do, do whatever they feel they are compelled to do just as anybody else. We do to tell people what they CAN and CANNOT do, what is taught, or what I have been taught is that there are consequences for our actions. We are to be guided by the Holy Spirit and to resist the Devil. As for drinking coffee this comes under that Health Message and not the 7th Day Sabbath, so maybe you should ask this question on another thread.

I Hope that the answers I have given are what you may have been looking for.

In Christ

My appologees, I just read the OP’s title to the thread again and reevalutated the question concerning coffee drinking.

As to coffee drinking, THe SDA’s teach that coffee is a stimulant, a form of drug that is detriment to the bodily system and addictive, and therefore should be avoided as any such stimulant or drug not natural to the body. However, again, not all SDA’s conform to this precept as is with other denominations. It is not a “rule” that to be a member that one strictly abide, nor is it taught that one will be lost because of it. But on the other hand we are also taught that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and therefore should be kept in a santicfied condition to wit things that are damaging to it showed be avoided.

In Christ

I was watching “Coming Home” last night on EWTN and heard from a former SDA that they are taught that Catholics will hunt down, torture and behead SDA’s in the last days (any minute now) for celebrating on Saturday! :eek: Also, that the “Prophetess” has taught that Jesus is actually Michael the Archangel. :confused:
My (adult)son has left the Catholic Church and joined the SDA.:frowning:
What’s a mother to do?:shrug:

OK - that was actually 3 questions - I will take answers to any and all.
Thanks so much!

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Do some research on your own
  3. Fast and Pray

Thanks for your quick response!
Amen to the fast and pray! I pray a daily rosary for all 3 of my sons (& my husband’s 3 sons) to bring them all back to the fullness of the faith. Somehow the youngest, since becoming SBA, is the most (painfully) anti-Catholic.
I did look at the links sent by Maria1212, but could not find specific confirmation of the last days’ torture or on Michael the Archangel - but I will keep searching!
katey u

The best way to deal with the teachings of a opponent is to learn an opponents position. To try to refutiate something with out knowledge is like stricking at windmills. Try learning what it is that your son believes and why. Would it hurt to sit down and talk to him about it and try to see where he’s coming from? You don’t have to accept what he may say, but you should at least try to get an understand as to why he is saying it.

In Christ.

Can an SDA drive on Saturday?

Personally I take this as a sarcastic question. Christ taught that there needs to be reasonableness when dealing with the Sabbath. If a SDA is going to be driving on the Sabbath then it needs to be in context to what is proper to do on the Sabbath. Is it right to do good on the Sabbath? SDA’s congregate on the Sabbath to worship. The way the world is today the communities we live in are vastly more expanded then in the days before the rise of the automobile. To prohibit driving on the Sabbath is like the Religous Jews prohibitting travel beyond a certain distance. Your question is not intended as one seeking knowledge, but as one posing ridicule. Do you find it Christ like to do so?:frowning:

For anyone interested in what the SDA church teaches about sabbath observance…here is a link from the SDA church official website regarding the issue.

I did not intend to be sarcastic. I am sorry. I wanted some idea of what is and is not acceptable. For example, in Judaism, building a fire is forbidden on the Sabbath. That makes driving an internal combustion vehicle forbidden. Now, if there is no prohibition on building a fire, or if an exception is made for driving, so be it. I just wanted to see if there was a different understanding of that is and is not allowed between Judaism and SDA.

Again, I am sorry if that seemed sarcastic.

The link I posted above goes into detail about how SDAs should observe the sabbath.

God Bless All!!!

It does, though it is not nearly as detailed as those that Jewish people in the past have used.

Agreed! But then they are Christians, not Jews;)

God Bless All!!!

True, but they hold that the Church founded by Christ had no authority to move the Sabbeth. How could they have authority to alter the rest rules as well?

And that’s the $64,000 question I suppose.

I am a former SDA in R.C.I.A. currently…but I embraced Catholicism fully this past spring. There are many questions not answered by Adventism for me…but it all came together when I began to study and understand Catholicism.

God Bless All!!!

I might ask it later…

God bless you, too.

You can ask it now. The answer is the same as all the other protestant denominations as to why they practice and believe as they do…they follow the Bible and the Bible only. The SDA church in addition to the Bible, has a prophetess, who cleared up those questions…at least for some. It’s a long story.

God Bless All!!!

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