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please explain blood types.

What blood type would Mary likely be?

What blood type would Jesus likely be?

Does Joseph’s blood type even matter?

What DNA would God supply?

What combinations would you expect to make blood miracles vaild?

What combinations would you expect to make blood miracles invalid?

Is AB a new blood type?

How can we know? We don’t have Jesus’, Mary’s, or Joseph’s blood. What are blood miracles?

No need to worry about it Daniel, you’ll never know!!

I am a medical technologist, and I work part-time in a blood bank.

Blood types refer to specific antigens on the blood cells that everyone has.

The ABO types are the ones that most of us are familiar with.

Type A people have A antigens, Type B people have B antigens, Type AB people have both A and B antigens, and Type O people have no antigens.

There are other blood types. The second type that most of us have heard of is the Rh system.

Rh positive people have the Rh antigen, Rh negaitve people do not have the Rh antigen.

It is impossible to know what blood type Mary or Jesus was. We would need to have a sample of their blood.

In this day and age in the U.S., most people are type O or B. Among the Hispanic population, Type B is more prevalent. Type AB is rarer, but we still see quite a few peope who are Type AB. So it is possible that we could make an intelligent guess that Jesus and Mary were probably either A or O, but perhaps the populations have changed since then. It really, truly is impossible to say. The science of blood typing is fairly modern, basically a discovery of the Twentieth Century.

Both the mother and the father contribute to the Blood type in humans. A person will possess one of the following genotypes:

AA = Type A
AO = Type A
OA = Type A
AB = Type AB
BB = Type B
BO = Type B
OB = Type B
OO = Type O

Since I can’t really draw out the chart for you in this post, I found a link that hopefully will explain the genetics to you:

Joseph’s blood type would not matter, since he didn’t contribute any DNA to Jesus.

AB is NOT a “new” blood type. I’m not sure what you mean by “new,” though. Are you referring to human evolution?

I don’t understand what you mean by “blood miracles.” Are you referring to changing wine into the Blood of Christ or something else.

This was because of a comment from me:)

I was in a converstation with someone who said that the blood types prove that the shroud of turin could not have been Jesus since the blood type AB is a fairly new blood type, within the last 1500 years. The claim is that this blood type did not appear until well after Jesus. And yes this is in reference to human evolution.

My question, and Daniel’s are is this valid/invalid and why? And could you point us to some research on this?

God Bless,

PS. thanks for that other link:thumbsup:

Jesus was the New Adam, so of course his blood type was new…


And yes this is in reference to human evolution.

Is there any evidence that humans have evolved? An aethiest geologist friend of mine alleges there is no evidence that ‘man’ [humanity] has evolved.

If evolution is correct then there should be horizontal branches on the human tree but there are not. :slight_smile:

There should also by definition be evidence of diversity but there is not :slight_smile:

If evolution is correct per se, then there should be a systematic increase in species as they evolve. Over the last 15,000 years species have been in decline so that on average one specie becomes extinct every year. This is anaethema to the concept of evolution,

In nature there is no evidence, not one shred not one iota that ‘information’ has ever evolved. All information is the product of Intelligence. Nowhere but nowhere is there any trace of naturally occuring information. That in itself proves that evolution is not credible. In all the known universe not one single shred of evidence of naturally occuring information exists :slight_smile:

This is not specifically evolution like ape to man kind of thing.

They have taken bones of people and can find out what their blood type was. According to this research, AB did not start appearing until around 500AD.

AB is a mixture between type A, generally found in Europe, and type B, generally found in Mongolia. Since there wasn’t much interchange between these populations until well into the historical period, in Ancient times group AB would have been extremely rare. So group AB suggests that the person must have been modern, but it doesn’t absolutely prove it.


By blood miracles, I mean statues that weep blood, strigmata, euthestic miracles, shroud of turin, etc., One would expect, their blood types to somehow mesh. For example, if a statue of Mary bleeds, and a host literally turns to flesh, would not we expect the blood type of the host to be possible from the blood type of the statue?

Is there any documentation about the AB around 500 AD, an article manybe?

As far as I know, there was no way to type blood prior to the early 20th century, around 1909.

So I don’t see how anyone can say that certain blood types existed or didn’t exist before 1909. There would have been no way to type people.

Please keep in mind that any evolutionary explanations of anything, including blood types, are purely theoretical. Even though many scientists accept evolution as fact, the truth is, it is still only a theory.

Since no one was there when it happened, no one can say with certainty how evolution occured or if evolution actually did occur. Therefore, evolutionists can only theorize, basing their theories on the small amounts of information left in fossil records and other natural data. (There are other theories besides evolution that explain the fossil records and data.)

From what I’ve seen of the theories of blood type evolution, it is all pure theory. There is no proof. Since there was no way to type blood back then, there is no way to know for certain what blood types existed and how they became distributed throughout the world.

Thank you for the explanation of “Miracles of blood.” I guess I would be hesitant to try to apply the scientific to the supernatural.

When God performs a miracle, He breaks natural laws. For example, when Jesus rose from the dead, He broke many natural laws. His Body was DEAD, killed, in the tomb. It shouldn’t have ever come back alive again, at least, according to science and natural laws.

But He did rise again, in defiance of natural law. A scientist cannot explain it and cannot replicate it by performing an “experiment.” It’s a miracle, not a natural phenomenom. It can be explained only through faith in God, not analyzed by scientific methods.

I think it is possible that God could suspend the natural laws that govern the science of blood typing whenever a “miracle of blood” occurs. What I’m saying is that if the blood type of a miracle flow is A in one instance, and AB the next instance, I don’t think that negates the miracle. It just proves that God’s ways are not natural ways, and that miracles transcend natural laws.

I think the more interesting question is about the DNA. Obviously Mary contributed her 23 chromosomes. I visualize the other 23 being assembled out of molecules from her body. The Y chromosome couldn’t have come from Mary.

Sophie you raise a very good point.

Mystics have long marvelled at Mary’s grief at seeing her Son on the Cross. They suggest that He was ‘of her flesh’ in a way no other offspring are. Therefore mystics suggest, she felt His pain more than anyone ever could.

It is possible perhaps that 45 chromosomes came from her body. That made Him very much in tune with His mother and vice versa.

The ‘Y’ chromosome, seeings there was no physical interuption so far as we know. The fact God can do anything He choses, How did the Holy Spirit do it I wonder!

How does post-Apostolic age blood on the shroud prove it’s fake anyway? Clearly, if the blood type didn’t exist before 500 AD, it got there after 500 AD, but how does that make the shroud post 500 AD? Did the maker prick his finger or something? It’s just a sad attempt.

By the way, I don’t believe the shroud is genuine, so I have no bias for it.

123rock, I hope I haven’t given you the wrong impression.

The BLOOD TYPE existed before 500, but the method of testing the blood type didn’t exist.

Something that you may not be aware of is that blood types can change naturally.

If a person is given a massive transfusion, e.g., for a gunshot wound, aneurism, etc., of type non-specific blood (e.g., Type A can receive Type O blood, and in an emergency where there isn’t enough bloody on hand, this happens), then the blood type can change from Type A to Type O. The change isn’t permanent, but for the duration of the person’s hospitalization, they would be the new type.

I’m not saying that this happened with any of the “Blood Miracles,” but I’m saying that non-matching blood types COULD have a natural explanation.

I think this whole thing is a dead alley. I honestly don’t think anything can be proved or disproved from blood types.

Obviously not because blood transfusions were attempted until the 15th century.

I think this whole thing is a dead alley. I honestly don’t think anything can be proved or disproved from blood types.

On the contrary, if two different miracles are supposedly Jesus’ blood, but the types don’t match, I think it’s quite clear that at least one is not authentic.

The claim is that the blood type AB did NOT exist before 500AD.

They test the bones of people and no one with that blood type has been found before 500 AD.

Thanks. Maybe the rareness of the bloodtype also contributes to the lack of bones to test which skews the numbers of when this blood type came into existence?

Here’s what I think: I think God can just pull random molecules out of the air (or even create them out of nothingness, for that matter) and assemble them into whatever configuration He wants and put them wherever He wants. I often wonder if the Transfiguration was an event in which all the atoms in Jesus’ body were replaced with other atoms and released into the atmosphere to be mingled with creation, thereby sanctifying the material world. In fact, I think a similar thing happens during the consecration with atoms which had once been breathed out by Jesus, which is why I have no problem whatsoever knowing that it really truly is the body and blood of our Lord.

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